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Start anew after Ramadan

5 Tips to Continue being A Better You After Ramadan

Eid is the acid test to Ramadan. Whatever happens on Eid, how one behaves, how one arranges his thoughts, is a reflection on how Ramadan had unfolded for him or her. The ripple effect of good deeds vs. bad ones is also a telling sign as to how Ramadan has changed a person.

Hasten To Break The Fast

Do you think you will be more rewarded by delaying breaking the fast or hastening to break the fast? Check this.

We Fast For Taqwa

Why do we fast? We fast for Taqwa. We fast to bring ourselves closer to Allah and increase that relationship.

Who Shouldn't Fast?

There are 4 categories of people who shouldn’t fast during Ramadan. Dr. Yasir Qadhi breaks it down.

Lose Your Body Fat Faster with Fasting and Evening Exercise

For us, Muslims, Allah taught us: “O believers! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for the people before you so that you may become pious….” (Surat Al-Baqarah 2:183). There are different types of fasting. For example Sayyeda Hafsah Bint Umar al-Khattaab (May Allah Bless Her Soul) Prophet Muhammad’s wife, described to us …

As we round the first third of Ramadan,

#Instagramadan 11: More Than Hungry and Tired

There are two realities to every action that we do: the outer and the inner. Ramadan is full of moments that appear one way externally, but can be deficient internally. As we round the first third of Ramadan, be cautious not to fall into the routine of fasting and praying without asking yourself what are …

Why Do Muslims Fast

Why Do Muslims Fast?

Many people ask why do Muslims fast? It is not just about feeling empathy with those who do not eat on a day-to-day basis. Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim explains why else Muslims fast each Ramadan.

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