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Indonesian Hijab Hits New York Runway

Muslim women hijab and abaya have hit New York runway as Indonesian designers kicked off an increasingly diverse fashion week, to counter prejudice in the west.

7 Things I Didn’t Expect When I Converted to Islam

7 Things I Didn’t Expect When I Converted to Islam

When I first converted, I thought every Muslim knew better than me. And mostly they did, but there are also Muslims out there who feel very passionately about the brand of Islam their parents blindly took from their parents, and so on.

Phoenix Designers Create Hijab Line for Muslims

In a bid to defend their proud identity as American Muslims, two young women from Phoenix are making inroads into the world of modest fashion by running an affordable line of scarves or hijab, taking a stand against hate-filled rhetoric of President Trump.

From Playboy Model to Muslim Role Model

Working for years in the fashion industry, Malaysia’s first-ever playboy girl said a life of a model left her feeling “hollow and exploited”, taking the decision to convert to Islam.

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