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Twitter Bans Hate Speech Accounts

Twitter has suspended the accounts of Britain’s First far-right leaders, including Jayda Fransen, whose anti-Muslim videos stirred a political storm after Donald Trump shared them.

Trump’s Islamophobic Retweets Draw Criticism

A leading British Muslim rights group criticized Wednesday the American President Donald Trump over retweeting three anti-Muslim videos posted by far-right group Britain First, seeing it as a clear endorsement of Islamophobia.

Europe's 2.5 Million Forgotten Muslim Heroes

At a time of rising anti-Muslim sentiments, a European foundation is delving into history to tell the stories of the forgotten Muslim heroes who fought for freedom in Europe a century ago.

Will Czech Ban Islam?

Leading election results in Czech Republic, a far-right party whose leader has called for banning Islam is expected to form government, bringing bad news for the country’s religious minority.

Canadians Rally to Shut Down Hate

Canadian politicians, activists, and faith leaders rallied Sunday, October 1, in Hamilton, Ontario, in an event organized to shut down rising hatred spouted by far right and white supremacist groups.

Rise of Far-right Worries German Muslims, Jews

For the first time in half a century, German voters on Sunday elected members of a far-right, nationalist party into parliament, diminishing the victory by Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union party.

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