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Far-right Burka Stunt Troubles Aussie Muslims

Muslim leaders have expressed concerns over One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s burka “stunt” in the Senate, warning it could encourage US-style “alt-right” attacks on their community.

From Right to Further Right: UK Muslims Fear Tory-DUP Alliance

After her spectacular fall from what should have been a General Election strengthening her position, Prime Minister May met Friday with the Queen before announcing a not quite ‘Strong’ nor ‘Stable’ Conservative party, in a potential coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party of Ireland, pushing the Conservative party even further to the right to deliver an agenda which significant parts of the population simply do not want.

UK Party Wants Burka, Shari`ah Ban

The leader of a British far-right party has vowed to enforce a complete burka (face veil) and Shari`ah courts ban if he won June elections, as he released the party’s manifesto.

Meet the Muslim Woman Who Defeated Hate with Smile

The Muslim woman, who appeared smiling serenely in the face of an irate member of the far-right English Defence League in Birmingham demo, met the woman she defended after her image went viral on internet as a sign on defeating hate.

Before Polls: Dutch Muslims Fear the Future

As the clock ticks towards the March-15 elections, Dutch Muslims are feeling anti-Muslim backlash as the far-right Party for Freedom promised to close mosques and ban Qur’an if he wins elections.

Austria Voters Defeat Anti-Muslim Far-right

Austria celebrated on Sunday, December 4, the defeat of far-right presidential candidate Norbert Hofer against independent rival candidate Alexander Van der Bellen, concluding a tumultuous presidential race marred by anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant comments.

Muslims Are Success Story: Aussie Leaders

Australian Muslim and multicultural leaders have vehemently criticized a recent poll on Muslim immigration as playing into the hands of anti-immigrants politicians, stressing that the members of the religious minority are a success story in the country.

French Far-Rightist Vows Frexit, Anti-Muslim Agenda

The leader of France’s far-right National Front, Marine Le Pen, promised a crackdown on burkini and a ‘Frexit’ referendum to leave the European Union, as she launched her bid to be President on Saturday.

Corsica Mosque Set on Fire

Amid rising far-right rhetoric in the French island, the largest mosque in Corsica has been set on fire, in the second attack to target a Muslim worshipping house.

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