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Who Shall Worship Antichrist (Dajjal)?

Who Shall Worship Antichrist (Dajjal)?

Mankind will be struck with such a strict poverty that we would have never been faced with it before. Then the Dajjal will come to the people and he will tell them: “Worship me and I will make the rain come down!” And then some group of people will be so desperate for that food….


The Pangs of Hunger – Charity and Prayers for Those Facing Starvation

Four years of my childhood, between 1983 and 1987, were spent in Sudan. As part of an expatriate family, I lived a rather sheltered and idyllic life revolving around family, school and my beloved pet goat, Billy. Yes, pet goat — you heard that right. In between all of this, however, came the great Ethiopian-Sudanese famine of 1983. The …


Remembering the Hungry in Ramadan (Help Now)

As Muslims around the globe observe Ramadan, hundreds of thousands of families in the Horn of Africa face a growing risk of mass deaths from starvation due to a disastrous combination of droughts, and entrenched conflict. While families share Ramadan blessings with their loved ones, millions continue to live in the region in unbearable circumstances; …

Yemeni Kids Starve to Death - What Are You Doing?

With nearly two-thirds of war-torn Yemen – about 19 million people – in need of emergency support, the international community yesterday raised $1.1 billion at a pledging event in Geneva to aid what the United Nations chief calls “the world’s largest hunger crisis.” The aim was to bridge a funding gap in the 2017 humanitarian …

Help Famine Victims in Yemen & Somalia

More than 23 million people are facing the risk of famine in Yemen and Somalia, according to figures by the United Nations. Aid agencies estimate that a total of 6.8 million people in Yemen are deemed to be in a state of emergency – one step from famine on the five-point integrated food security phase classification (IPC), …

Celebrities Come Together to Help Somalia

As Somalia suffers from another famine, the internet is coming together to help the people in the Somali peninsula, thanks to a campaign started by snapchat celebrity Jerome Jarre.

Famine Threatens Millions in Drought-Hit Somalia (Help Now)

As a severe drought deepens in Somalia, millions of people are left at the risk of famine  in the war-torn country. Somali authorities declared that at least 110 people have died of hunger over a two-day span in one region because of the drought. Humanitarian agencies reports have also alluded to the worrying similarities, especially the …

Famine Kills Hundreds as Drought Ravages Somalia

Famine Kills Hundreds as Drought Ravages Somalia

According to NPR.org, at least 6.2 million people in Somalia — or just about half the country — are grappling with the prospect of an acute food shortage due to deepening drought. The Somali Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire, and the Somali National Drought Committee, announced that over a two-day span, at least 110 people …

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