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My first desire was to learn Arabic, but my soul awakened when I began to read the Quran.

The Quran Completes What Was Missing in My Faith

My first desire was to learn Arabic, but my soul awakened when I began to read the Quran. Maybe it was better because I began to read it in Arabic directly, while I was consulting a dictionary. I could realize that what the Quran says was the parts that were missing in the Bible…

The age between 7 and 14 is an ideal age for children to learn and appreciate how to abide by formal shura principles and how to naturally implement them in their daily lives without problems.

How Should We Practice Shura?

Before taking a decision that would affect the whole group of children, the guiding parent should take the children’s advice on what to do next, and then take a vote before making a decision. In this respect, the parent should always abide by the majority vote.

Don’t expect to find a woman that models the wife of the Prophet Muhammad if you are not modeling the Prophet yourself. Be the ideal Muslim man to find an ideal Muslim wife.

10 Tips for Revert Brothers' Marriage Proposal

If a woman or her family inquires about your previous lifestyle, you don’t have to give details, and it is better to just avoid it in a nice manner. Simply remind them that God has forgiven you for sins when you accepted Islam, and that Islam has transformed you into a better person…

Faith comes first in my discovery of fulfillment each day because it is the common thread weaving together all of the other components.

My 5 Fs +1 for Fulfillment

Faith comes first for me because discovering and uncovering my intimate bond with God has been the greatest gift of my life, and sustaining this bond is my biggest priority.

The best part of telling my family that I am a Muslim is that it brought inner peace and soothed my heart.

How to Tell Your Family that You Have Embraced Islam

Keeping the “secret” of my conversion to Islam caused me to lose sleep, have nightmares and I would often have difficulty catching my breath because I was riddled with anxiety. I would lay awake at night creating mental imagery of how my family would react…

About to Convert, Concerned About Hindu Practices

7 Challenges Revert Sisters Face

The first challenge that most new Muslims face is learning how to pray. It’s not just an issue of learning the meanings and how to recite them in Arabic, but there are also the additional challenges if sisters are still living with their parents of how to explain it to them

You must first build up your own position within your household by serving your family and catering to their needs.

Taking Care of Things at Home - Whose Responsibility is it?

A religious young person should safeguard the weaker members of the family from having to leave the home too much. He should take care of their needs himself. He should go to the shop for them. His home is not some hotel where he goes to sleep, eat, and drink…

When you say the Shahadah, you should say it truthfully, with sincerity for the Sake of God and with love for the Creator.

When Should I Declare My Conversion to Islam?

When should you say your Shahadah? My general answer to this is ‘when your heart feels at peace with your decision’. That will be the time that God has opened your heart and allowed it to know that you are ready to do it. At this time you will be surer than you’ve been of anything that this is the right time.

God Almighty has ninety-nine beautiful names which we may know Him through. One of God’s Most Glorious names is Al-Hadi (The Guide).

The Guide - God's Special Attribute for Me

Have you ever traveled to another city and gotten lost while driving to a destination? The feelings of fear and anxiety soon overcome your senses as you try to navigate your way to safety. You might pull out a map and try to determine another route to guide you to where you want to go…

Surat Maryam: A Family's Source of Spirituality

Surat Maryam: A Family's Source of Spirituality

Getting married, having a family, raising cute children are all beautiful and natural instincts that Allah has put inside us. In Surat Maryam, this tendency is discussed  while adding the spiritual dimension to the father-son relation. What is your real intention behind marriage and having children? Did you plan for your children’s hereafter, as well as …

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