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Ramadan and the Ups & Downs of Faith

Ramadan and the Ups & Downs of Faith

For me, Ramadan is like a spiritual reset button. It’s an opportunity for self-evaluation and action. The extra reward for even the smallest deeds, the community feeling that comes with days of fasting and nights of worship, and special night of decree…

Your Faith is Put to Test in Hardship

It is easy to have faith when everything is going well. However, your faith is put to the test in hardship. Sheikh Omar Suleiman discusses a powerful hadith that explains this concept. 5 Reasons Why Allah Tests Us With Hardship

Envy & Stinginess Do Not Co-exist With Faith

Envy and stinginess do not co-exist with faith. If you find yourself envious of someone with wealth, then you must make dua for that person. If you are stingy with your wealth it is the voice of Shaytan. 4 Ways to Break Free from Envy

How to Stop Moving Away From Allah

How to Stop Moving Away From Allah

In this counseling answer: • Remember Allah in all you do. • Surround yourself with good and pious people who will be a positive influence on you. • Fill any gaps in your time that will bring you closer to Allah. • Remember to seek refuge with Allah from Shaytaan. As-Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa …

Poverty Is A Difficult Test To A Person's Faith

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that poverty may lead to disbelief. Umar Ibn Al-Khattab also said if poverty was a man he would have choked him with his own two hands. Poverty is a difficult test. Does Islam Encourage Poverty & Asceticism?

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Easing Fasting for Your Kids in Ramadan - Try These Steps

Though fasting till puberty is not obligatory in Islam, many children wish to fast during Ramadan. If you are planning to make your children fast for the first time this Ramadan, you need to follow few tips to make it easy and enjoyable for them.

Ammar's Heart & Omar's Shirt: Why Faith Matters

Ammar's Heart & Omar's Shirt: Why Faith Matters

Imam Omar Suleiman recounts in this video two stories that both show how and why faith matters. Suffering horrible torture, Ammar had to speak ill of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). We follow the conversation between him and the Prophet on this incident. What about the Omar’s shirt? How does it relate to iman? …

My Logic Overcomes My Faith

My Logic Overcomes My Faith: How to Control that?

Short Answer: Of course, there are things we don’t understand, but isn’t that the case in life? We don’t understand everything. So it is with Islam. I used to ask myself the same questions you ask until, after much reading, I came to see that Islam is perfect and that it has the answer to all …

What Comes First, Faith Or Guidance?

Guidance is an important concept in our religion and it is mentioned in the Quran. But what comes first? Faith or guidance? This is very important to understand. Is Guidance a Divine Gift For the Chosen?

When Terror Strikes- 3 Tips For Standing Up Again

When Terror Strikes: 3 Tips For Standing Up Again

The days and weeks following a terrorist attack will rattle you to your very core. That is a given. However, for some new Muslims, it can cause them to question their faith or otherwise diminish their state of Islam. In both of these instances, it means that the terrorist has won. And that should never happen.

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