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How Fasting Protects Against Extremism

How Fasting Protects Against Extremism

The institution of fasting could easily be carried to the extreme. A popular misconception about it was that its real purpose was to annihilate the desires of the flesh altogether and provide an opportunity for self-mortification in the last degree. It was supposed that the more one practiced abstinence, abjured the comforts of the world, …

Muslim Immigrant Counters Extremism in UK

LONDON – A Muslim property developer and social activist in Croydon, South London, has been announced an international peace ambassador by the United Peace Federation UK for his work promoting young people and fighting extremism. “We try to promote and install humanistic values within our community to counteract the voice of extremism where it exists,” …

Similarities Between Scientific and Religious Extremism

Similarities Between Scientific and Religious Extremism

Religion and science are two of the most important governing aspects of the world. Science aims to understand the natural world, its existence and its workings, whereas religion deals with the spiritual, and ascribes the existence and the workings of the natural world to a higher being, a deity, or a God. According to surveys, …

What Muslims Are Doing to Stop Terrorism

What Muslims Are Doing to Stop Terrorism

If there are so many peace loving, law abiding Muslims then why don’t we hear the moderate* Muslims speaking out against terrorism? And the short answer is: The media is largely ignoring the billions of Muslims speaking out against terrorism in one breath, and then asking, “why don’t we hear from them?” in the next.

15+ Anti-Extremism Hadiths (Part 1/2)

15+ Hadiths Against Going to Extremes

Moderation is a key concept in Islam.  Even in matters of faith and acts of worship, Islam urges moderation and rejects extremism. Some forms of extremism were  noticed during the very time of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). The uncontrollable love for the faith and the immense desire to get closer to Allah …

New Platform Offers Living Qur’an Navigation

A young Londoner Muslim has launched a new platform which helps users navigate belief systems using a “living Qur’an,” in an ambitious project to end misinterpretation of the sacred text.

afterlife now

So Much Emphasis on the Hereafter; What About Now?

Salam (Peace) Dear Reader, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Islam has come to protect the Five Essentials of life: faith, life, honor, wealth, and the intellect. As we can see, the protection of these five essentials allows for a good life. Islam stresses the value of life: Islam stresses …

Shocked British Muslims Respond to London Attack

As British Muslims were enjoying their meal after breaking their fast, or busy praying at the mosque, or simply spending time with family and friends, three terrorists hell-bent of causing disruption to society struck London. Here is what some British Muslims have to say:

Muslim Scholars Refute ISIL's Ideology (Folder)

Muslim Scholars Refute ISIL's Ideology (Folder)

From time to time, Muslims are appalled by gross crimes that are associated with Islam because the culprits are affiliated to ISIL. The name of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), as well as its repeated talk about defending Islam and establishing an Islamic state, is used by media outlets, Islamophobic and hatred mongers …

3 Steps to Protecting New Muslims from Extremism

The challenge of extremism is widespread, complex and difficult. However, if we aim to work for the wellbeing of our community and to be inspired by a Prophet who was described as a mercy to all of mankind, we must address this topic.

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