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I Converted to the Religion That I Once Used to Hate

I Converted to the Religion That I Once Used to Hate

Even with this loathing of Islam, I noticed the religion continued to reappear into my life. This was quite baffling as I happily attacked and deeply hated Islam. Perplexed, I decided to pay attention to this phenomenon and repeat my research of Islam. I ensured to do so with a pure and unbiased mindset…

Are All Non-Muslims Enemies of Islam?

So you find that a masjid in Quebec is attacked, killing six Muslims, and the next Friday, a rabbi calls for people at seven places in Toronto to form multi-faith human barriers to protect Muslims praying Jumuah. A sister who went to attend a prayer on the following Monday found one person carrying a sign that said: “We stand UNITED with our Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Let’s Make a Better World for Our Children – Together‏

My religion, helps me every day, to be a better, kinder person. It teaches me to continue to value, much of what you value. Like integrity, honesty, humility, family, and loving for others what we’d love for ourselves… Islam is not the enemy. I am not your enemy. My husband and my children are not your enemies.

The Test - A True Story

Why Adam is looking for eternity although he saw no death in the garden? Why he was looking for a kingdom though he has everything in the paradise? It seems strange for him to look for something other than the paradise; however, he forgot the warning of Allah that Iblis is an enemy for him?

Pray and Guard Yourself from Satan

For some reason we think taking care of our body is more important than taking care of our soul. And the reason why that’s tragic is because your body is actually wasting away. Every single day your body is dying. But your soul is the same soul you are taking to eternity. You realize that?

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