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4 Things That Helped Early Muslims Endure Persecution

Suffering From Peer Pressure? 4 Things Helped Early Muslims Survive It

The persecution that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and his Companions went through in Makkah was incredible. The stories of torture that was heaped on Muslims ruthlessly in those bitter days and the remarkable endurance shown by the believers pose important questions: – How were the Prophet and His Companions able to …

Ramadan: A Training of Spiritual Endurance

Ramadan: A Training of Spiritual Endurance

In the greatest month of the year, the blessed month of Ramadan, we turn to our Lord with heavy hearts consumed by the challenges we face as Muslims living in the West, and consumed by the overwhelming struggles that have befallen our brethren across the world. Such challenges are expected by Muslims, as they go …

Mombasa, Kenya

Chemistry Behind Fasting Endurance

A red bag of grain droops from his sheathed head as light sweat beads gently run down the ageing face of Hamisi bin Omar, a porter in Kenya’s Swahili port city of Mombasa.

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