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Sleep, child

How Can I Teach My Child to Sleep Alone?

In this counseling answer: •Talk and play on her bed during the day and especially at bedtime. This will give her a chance to understand that it is okay to sleep alone and will make her need to stay in her room. •Try not to let your daughter fall asleep before bedtime. •Try to fulfill …

Example, Role model

Not Setting a Good Example for My Daughter

 In this counseling answer: “Make sure that everything you do is well explained so that she sees the logic and meaning behind your new way of life. Eleven-year-old are at that stage where cognitively they are able to engage in more higher-order thinking, and they will naturally become very inquisitive and critical. Try your best …

Santa Claus

Santa Claus and The `Eid Tree For My Kids?

Islam is a continuation of the other revealed religions, and in this sense, there is no contradiction, so therefore it is honorable, indeed, to teach your children to respect other religions; but Xmas is actually a pagan practice which has nothing to do with the Prophet `Isa (Jesus).


Between the National Curriculum and Homeschooling

Any national curriculum is based on the idea of ‘schooling’, which is teaching large groups of children in a factory mode. The out fall of this for many children is that they learn to fear learning, fear failing…

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