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Tazkiyah is the process of purification and beautification of the self.

Tazkiyah in Age of Psychotherapy

This is an interview with AbdelRahman Mussa, the founder of iPersonal Enrichment newsletter and the Whims-I-Kill Tazkiyah course. AbdelRahman Mussa is both a graduate of Shari’ah and a therapist with more than 11 years of experience and his background in da’wah (Islamic spiritual activism). Q: Tazkiyah – It is the process of purifying the soul …

Allah is the one and only Lord, whom the hearts and souls revere and long for. All creation depends on Him at every moment.

A Few Words about Allah

Love is an emotion. As such, it is something that must genuinely be experienced in the heart. A believer loves the Lord and desires that the Lord returns that love. Whosoever Allah loves has no reason to fear, and the world will be an abode of contentment and virtue.

Whatever issue I examined in Islam, I could not find error nor did I have to stretch my credibility.

Christianity: The Point of Departure

My first memories of anything Islamic were when I prepared to start work in Saudi Arabia. In the United Kingdom I visited my local library and read some books on the country. The place looked extraordinarily exotic and once I got there I wasn’t disappointed. I vaguely knew that Saudi Arabia was the birthplace of …

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