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Rights of the Elderly, Forgotten Treasures

Often young people do not really notice the elderly people. They are largely focusing on their own lives, trying to find the right career, get married, look “cool,” own a fancy mobile phone or car, or observe the latest trends of fashion. Unfortunately, young people do not always think about those who raised them up …

7 Powerful Incentives for Being Good to Parents

Parents’ love– it’s intense, unselfish, natural, and beautiful. And it’s an amazing gift of Allah. Children’s love for their parents – often it’s not so intense; sometimes it’s selfish and takes effort. And it’s an extremely emphasized order of Allah…

How the Prophet Cared for the Elderly (+Stories)

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), was a pioneer in emphasizing the importance of caring for the elderly irrespective of sex, color, or religion. He himself set a great example in practicing the principles he taught. This article highlights Islamic teachings related to treating the elderly, and gives glimpses of how the Prophet …

This is How Elders Are Treated in Islam

This is How Elders Are Treated in Islam

Far from the abuse and neglect that we see in present day society, the elderly have a protected and dignified status in Islam. Traditionally Muslims have accorded their elders this lofty status, and the decline in this practice we see in some Muslim countries is concomitant with the overall decline in adherence to Islamic principles.

Islam Teaches How We Should Treat Parents and the Elderly?

Islam Teaches How We Should Treat Parents and the Elderly

In the Islamic world, one rarely finds “old people’s homes.” The strain of caring for one’s parents in this most difficult time of their lives is considered an honor and a blessing and an opportunity for great spiritual growth.

How to Honor parents after their Death

How to Honor and Respect Parents even after Their Death

Although death may take us at any age, parents are often elderly and as such require special care and attention. Even though the rigors of old age may cause parents to be demanding, impatient or petulant, a Muslim is still obligated to treat then with kindness and to look after them lovingly.

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