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Make 'Eid Fun For Young People

Make 'Eid Fun For Young People

How can we make ‘Eid fun for our kids and young people? We should make them feel it is a very special holiday so that they can be excited for it!

Best Things to Do in the 10 Best Days of the Year

Best Things to Do in the 10 Best Days of the Year

Since these are the best days of the entire year for a Muslim, both pilgrims and those who are not performing hajj, seemingly ‘idle’ moments during them can also be spent in doing a very easy act of worship – dhikr…

`Eid Al-Adha Expected on August 22

MAKKAH – `Eid Al-Adha is expected to start on Wednesday, August 22, with MoonSighting.com citing astronomical calculations, as world Muslims await the final confirmation of the sighting of Dhul-Hijjah moon. “The Astronomical New Moon (conjunction) is on August 11, 2018 (Saturday) at 9:58 UT. This is when the solar eclipse occurs. On August 11, the …

Muslim Aid Groups Set to Help Millions This `Eid

ANKARA – As Muslims prepare to welcome `Eid Al-Adha later this month, Turkish aid groups are rolling up their sleeves to help millions of unprivileged people worldwide during the Muslim feast. During the Islamic holy festival, leading Turkish aid agencies will reach millions of people in more than 100 countries across the globe, Anadolu Agency …

British Muslims Celebrated Eid in The Square

This is How British Muslims Celebrated Eid in the Square

Thousands of British Muslims and non-Muslims gathered together for Eidul Fitr in the Square, with a galaxy of performers and speakers capturing the audience attention for over six hours, while food stalls ensured a diversity of dining options. “Thank you very much for coming to the best square in the world, Trafalgar square, for Eid …

Malaysians Celebrate Month-long `Eid Al-Fitr

DUBAI – Wrapping up the fasting month of Ramadan, Malaysians embark on another festive occasion for a whole month, Eidul Fitr, or Hari Raya Pausa, as they call it. “We (also) call it ‘Open House,’” Madame Tengku, the wife of the Malaysian Consul General in Dubai Yubazlan Yusof, told The Gulf Today. “Aidilfitri is very …

We Need to Talk About `Eid: Lauren Booth

We are living in a ‘multi-polar’ reality. This new buzz phrase describes how aspects of our lives, including Muslim celebrations, are less likely to be dominated by singular cultural expectations, as they once were. In the West, our faith-based holidays are moving beyond family and food, opening up to a plurality of expression and the …

Muslim Athletes Share `Eid Greetings

Several Muslim athletes have sent `Eid greetings to the 1.8 billion Muslims around the globe, commending their spirit of Islamic solidarity and religious devoutness. “Eid Mubarak to all my friends who celebrate. Bajram Serif Mubarek Oslun,” in both English and Bosnian, that’s how the Bosnian footballer Edin Džeko has greeted his fans on his official …

`Eid in Britain: Prayers, Celebration, and Unity

LONDON – British Muslims across the country have put the celebration into `Eid, as reflected in many gathering at large congregations in public parks. The city of Birmingham took the lead with over 140,000 worshippers gathering at their ‘Celebrate `Eid’ festival, which came complete with a theme park with rides, food, and drink, and a …


Eating All You Can This Eid?

Envision a bronze roasted turkey, well-placed in the center of the table, surrounded by beautiful casseroles of assorted meats and vegetables, scalding soups, and mouth-watering family recipes passed down for generations.

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