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Medieval Islamic Hospitals & Medical Schools

Medieval Islamic civilization focused a great deal of attention on developing the medical arts. A key aspect was the development of hospitals and medical schools throughout the period.

Advice for Revert Sisters Making Hijrah to Egypt

Advice for Revert Sisters Making Hijrah to Egypt

Are you a revert sister wanting to move to Egypt? Do you have plans to study Islam, or to get married, or both? In this three part series, I will discuss many things that should be taken into consideration when making hijrah, regardless of the reason.


Happy New Year 6259, Egypt!

Every year on September 11th -or 12thin leap years only- Egypt witnesses the beginning of its “Egyptian Year,” the first invented calendar in the world. The story of the Egyptian calendar dates back to the year 4241 BC when Egyptians retired their old lunar calendar after discovering the discrepancy between it and the actual passage …

Adjusting to the Reality of the Muslim World

Adjusting to the Reality of the Muslim World

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard relatively new Muslims gasp: “But Muslims don’t do that!” It seems incredulous to them that people who were born into Muslim families, or even other new Muslims sometimes, can do things that God forbids or don’t do everything that He commands.


Final Stitches of Kiswah for Hajj Climax

Dozens of craftsmen are hard at work in a factory in Makkah preparing the embroidered black and gold Kiswah to cover the Kaaba. The Kiswah cloth is woven from silk and cotton and adorned with verses from the Qur’an. Saudis make a new one annually and place it on the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque …

Ancient Egypt

Eternal Scientific Miracles of Ancient Egypt

For about the 6,554 time since 1264 B.C. the sunlight entered the Great Temple of Abu Simbel of the Egyptian King Ramses the Great, in Abu Simbel city, south Egypt. 1,130 km south of Cairo on the west bank of Nasser Lake, Egyptians celebrate the scientifically-miraculous man-made solar phenomenon of the solar illumination of the …

Al-Azhar Opens Fatwa Kiosks in Cairo Metro

The Fatwa Committee of Al-Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy has opened a number of kiosks in one of Cairo’s main underground metro stations to allow commuters to seek guidance on Islamic issues.

I Believe in Allah and Allah Changed my Life

I Believe in Allah and Allah Changed My Life

I used to be very adventurous. When I was young I wanted always to travel and look for adventure. But whenever an adventure was finished, I used to feel that life is empty. So I was looking for something else. So I traveled to many countries and seen lot of…

I Found in Islam what I was Searching for in Christianity

I Found in Islam what I was Searching for in Christianity

I felt good about everything I learned about Islam. This feeling meant a lot, so I kept digging, learning, and liking. Most importantly, I found answers to my two main religious issues of the past (only wanting to worship one God and structure). Islam is…

A Day of Celebration

A Day of Celebration - Memories of My First Eid

I left home in what seemed the middle of the night and took the underground train to Baker Street, the closest station to Regent’s Park. I had been told that Muslims dress in their best clothes for the `Eid Prayers, so I had put on a suit and tie and polished my shoes until I could see my face in them.

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