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Holy Land

Signs of Mount Sinai's Qur'anic Surah

Surat At-Tur is the 52nd surah of the Holy Qur’an with 49 verses (ayat). This Meccan surah opens with the oath of the Divine One swearing by the Mount of Sinai which is located in Egypt, where the Torah was revealed to Prophet Moses.


Wherein is Healing For Men

Remember that old saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, how about this one: keep your lives sunny by taking some honey!

Egyptian Boy Named Smartest in the World

A 13-year-old Egyptian Muslim boy has been named the “smartest child in the world” after winning first place at a global competition in which thousands of competitors from around the world took part.

Saqqara Bird

Tour in Aviation History

To travel from Cairo to Mecca in less than two hours nowadays is an unexciting fact, but what about hearing this sentence 200 years ago? How could man be able to fly rather than travelling everywhere? Who was the first flying-man in the history? All these questions and more will be answered here.


Plants of the Qur'an: Olives

By the fig and the olive, by Mount Sinai, by this city of security. Verily, We created man in the best stature. (Surat At-Tin 95: 1-4).

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