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Help Educate 2,000 People & Break the Cycle of Poverty

Help Educate 2,000 People & Break the Cycle of Poverty

Dr. Bilal Philips announced a launch good campaign that aims at raising funds to help 2,000 people get free education to the level of achieving a university degree this year. “Imagine MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people being “stuck”, drowning in POVERTY with no “know-how” to get an education, build a career, provide for their families and have a higher quality of life.” …

Don't Hate… Educate

Prophet Muhammad faced a similar situation after leaving his home in Makkah to migrate to Madinah upon the invitation of its citizens. When he got there, some of his Companions — from the immigrants — were so homesick that they got physically ill. The unity of society was at risk and needed an urgent solution…

How to Preserve the Muslim Family

Muslim families are at the crossroads today. The Western model is not a suitable pattern for the family life. Its style of family life has resulted in conjugal infidelity, large scale marriage breakdown, high rates of divorces, separations, broken homes, alcoholism, drug addiction, libertinism and the like.

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