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Zamzam Water

Water: It Also Flows in Paradise

Allah created the heavens from its vapors (Surat Al-‘Anbya’ 21:30); yet we often devalue its healing powers. The prophet (SAW) advised us to “allow for one third food, one third water and one third air.” Science advices drinking at least 8-10 eight-ounce glasses of water a day. This including a glass ½-hour before and after every meal. …

Raising Green Banner of Islam

Raising Green Banner of Islam

Initiating river conservation programs premised on Islamic teachings, taking to the street in an ‘eco-jihad’, clean-up and hygiene campaigns, and learning why the practice of dynamite fishing is against the ecological message of Islam. These initiatives, premised on the ecological teachings of Islam, are indicative of the growing environmental movement amongst Muslims. This burgeoning ‘green’ …

Hazardous Waste is Not All Waste After All

Hazardous Waste is Not All Waste After All

All The rumbling sound welcomes you as you enter BRAL Residue Treatment Company for recycling refrigerators in Berlin. Inside the company, several old refrigerators are lined up on a conveyor belt, each waiting for its turn to be reduced into pellets and powder. In less than an hour, 50 of them will be crushed and …

Corps, Environmentalists Face Off Over Arctic Oil

Corps, Environmentalists Face Off Over Arctic Oil

While scientists and environmentalists worry about the melting of the Arctic ice cap, one of the major consequences of manmade global warming, oil companies are scrambling to profit from it. Arctic ice is falling almost to its lowest level on record these years. This decrease in the ice levels opens the opportunity for oil companies …

Facts about International Earth Day

Facts about International Earth Day

Being stewards of the Earth, it is the responsibility of Muslims to care for the environment in a proactive manner. There is a definite purpose behind the creation of different species, be it plants or animals.

Humans on Destruction Path

My childhood was rather colorful. The privilege of growing up in both the city and village made me appreciate the beauty and importance of nature. I remember the days when my cousins and I used to fish at a small open drain in front of my grandma’s ‘Kampung-style’ house. Yes, it was only a drain …

Knowing Our Soil Underfoot

You walk on it, your body touches it every day, its supports your life on this planet, it allows you to build a shelter for yourself in the form of cities and it facilitates for you planting your food, this is the Soil; the mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and organisms’ myriad which …

And Made from Water Every Living Thing

"...And Made from Water Every Living Thing"

{Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?} [Surat Al-Anbya 21:30]. We differentiate the Earth’s oceans to five separate entities. Despite the fact that there is really only one ocean. So, how …


Electrosmog Amidst Shift of Ages

With the advent of industrialization, the ecosystem first became subjected to environmental pollution. Subsequently, the clean technological revolution saw a decrease in chemical pollution to the environment. Ironically, however, invisible electric pollution is on the rise and has created a new environmental worry – electrosmog. Electrosmog, however, isn’t as avoidable as other forms of environmental …

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