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Dutch Party’s Islamophobic Video Sparks Outrage

AMSTERDAM – A far-right, hate campaign calling for ‘de-Islamization of the Netherlands’ has sparked outrage in the Netherlands, with many human rights activists comparing it to Nazi propaganda. “The similarities cannot be ignored. In the old movies, the Jews were shown as dangerous. Now the Africans and Muslims are shown as dangerous,” human rights activist …

OIC Calls for Banning Proposed Dutch Caricature Contest

JEDDAH – A leading pan-Islamic group has condemned the “malicious plan” designed by anti-Islam Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders to launch a competition on caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In its statement cited by Bahrain News Agency (BNA), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) condemned what it described as “the malicious plan designed …

Dutch Premier disavows Anti-Islam Cartoon Contest

AMSTERDAM – Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has condemned the cartoon contest organized next November by anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders, disassociating his government from the plans. “He is not a member of the government. The competition is not a government initiative,” Rutte said in a news conference, Press Herald reported Saturday. The comments followed sharp criticism from …

Amsterdam Police Considers Allowing Hijab

Police chiefs in the Dutch capital Amsterdam are considering allowing the Islamic hijab as part of police uniform, hoping to engage more officers with migrant background.

Dutch Muslims Aren’t Cheering Election Results

After the general elections on Wednesday in the Netherlands, both national and international media highlighted that the expected landslide win of the xenophobic ‘Freedom Party’ of Geert Wilders did not occur.

Anti-Islam Party Defeated in Netherlands

In a key defeat to the wave of populism, anti-Islam, far-right Party for Freedom (PVV) was easily defeated in Netherlands, as exit polls suggested Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s liberal party has won the Dutch elections.

Before Polls: Dutch Muslims Fear the Future

As the clock ticks towards the March-15 elections, Dutch Muslims are feeling anti-Muslim backlash as the far-right Party for Freedom promised to close mosques and ban Qur’an if he wins elections.

Dutch Citizens Visit Mosque to Support Muslims

Amsterdam mosque welcomed hundreds of Dutch citizens on Sunday, March 5, who came to show solidarity with the country’s Muslim population, following anti-Islam MP vows to shut mosque and ban Qur’an should he win upcoming elections.

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