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sexual purity

Sexual Purity: Supplication Before and Bath After Intercourse

Short Answer: Making du’aa’ before intercourse and taking a ritual bath (ghusl) afterward are two ways to ensure you are keeping yourself sexually pure before God. Peace be upon you dear brother, Thank you so much for sending us your questions. May Allah reward you for trying to learn the teachings of your religion thoroughly and …

Ten Best Times To Make Dua

Dua is a believers most powerful weapon. We can make it at any time alhamdulillah but here are the ten best times to make dua.

Why Can’t We Always Be Close to Allah?

Why Can’t We Always Be Close to Allah?

How much do we really love Allah? If we do love Him, why don’t we feel this love in our hearts all the time? Why do we keep losing this incredible feeling? It’s because the world is full of distractions – and it is full of distraction for this very reason.

duaa menstruation

New Muslim Sister: Can I Make Du'aa' During Menstruation?

Short Answer: “Yes, definitely you can make du’aa’ (supplication) to Allah anytime you want!… Regarding your other question, do you have to do wudu and wear your prayer garment? No, not necessarily. We call upon Allah whenever and wherever. So it is not limited to when we have ablution and dressed in certain garments.” Salam Dear Sister, Thank you so …

A Must Know About Dua

A brother used to go to the masjid in all weathers and be on the 1st row. One day he stopped going. When asked why, he said because I make dua and none of it happens. Here is a must know about dua!

Dua For Newly Weds

For all of you who are about to get married or who have just got married, here is a beautiful dua for you newly weds! It is repeated throughout.

pray answered

Why Pray or Make Du'aa' If It's Not Answered?

Short Answer: Your prayers are being answered, just maybe not in the way you ask, or when you want them to be. “If it is not answered in this world, it will be counted as rewards for you in the Hereafter when you will be in need of every single reward you can get, as we all will.” Allah …

Powerful Protection Dua

Here is a powerful protection dua from diseases and any other evil. It is repeated throughout with English subtitles.

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