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This Toronto Mosque Engages Muslim Volunteers with Disabilities

TORONTO – Living with Down syndrome, Aaliya Jaffer has never felt powerless, making her time busy by volunteering at As-Sadiq Islamic School with the grade 3 teacher and her students, Muslim Link reported on Monday, December 31. “I want to give back to the community,” the 22-year old recent high-school graduate said. Aaliya regularly attends …

Husband Can't Accept Our Daughter with Down Syndrome

In this counseling answer: “I would highly suggest that you ask your husband for more time before having to make such a decision. It could be that your husband is so shocked, surprised and upset that he is not thinking clearly at this point. I would speak with your doctor about your husband’s reaction and …

Marriage between People with Down Syndrome?

Marriage between People with Down Syndrome?

In this counseling answer: • It will depend on to what degree your daughter desires to be married as well as to what degree you and the boy’s family would be willing to help them to live towards a successful and happy marriage. • What needs to be taken into consideration to a lesser degree …

Teacher Gaza

Down Syndrome Teacher Inspires Her Disabled Students

Exceptional personalities are needed to move people and make a memorable mark. Hiba Al Sharfa is one of those exceptional people. Looking at her can give a glimps of her struggles and also her lifelong effort to become a teacher with down syndrome. She is making her mark by teaching students with the same disability …

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