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Earthquakes Between Health Myths & Realities

Earthquakes are amongst the most unpredictable natural disasters people can experience. In a matter of moments, with little or no warning, thousands and millions of people are put in danger.

Balance Everything

And He 'Allah' Set Up Everything in Balance

Islam teaches us to be moderate in all aspects of life, whether it’s religion, worship, relationships, ideas, or activities. Principled moderation is one of the defining characteristics of good character in Islam. Allah says: {Thus, We have made you a justly balanced community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will …


Plant Hormones for Fight Against Cancer

Allah equipped plants with hormones, which are modified by their environmental conditions. These modifications include the rate of cell growth and differentiation acting in coordination with the vast range of environmental inputs (HCS, p.1). It is this ability that scientists hope to tap into in their search for a cure for cancer. It is plant …


Fibromyalgia: Simple Solutions

The Mosby Medical Dictionary defines Fibromyalgia in very clear terms as a form of non-articular (joint) pain, with spasms, stiffness and severe sleep disturbance. However, fibromyalgia is anything but a clear-cut illness. Other symptoms related to fibromyalgia may be: asthma, Tempro-Mandibular Joint syndrome (TMJ), ear pain, tooth pain, bad dreams, sinus problems, foot pain, fatigue, …


Journal of Herbalist: Digestive Problems

Case: Eva came to me complaining that she had a condition labeled as irritable bowel syndrome. She sometimes had bowel movements eight times a day and usually on days when she had stress. Also, she had recurring problems with a sore throat and loss of speech. She was looking for an herbal tea she could take …


Tobacco Crimes Against Non-smokers

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in its 2007 report that nearly half the people who smoke regularly will eventually be killed by tobacco. What is very alarming, however, is that hundreds of thousands who have never lit a cigarette are also killed each year by tobacco. The culprit is passive smoking. Most smokers know …

Eye infections

How to Avoid Eye Infections in Hajj?

More than two million Muslims from across the the globe are converging in Makkah this week for hajj. Among these people from different regions of the world, one should be cautious about the health of one’s eyes. The human eye contains enough complexity to warrant specialized attention and care beyond the duties of a general …


Allergy and Hajj Rituals

Allergy may inflict any organ in the body; the eyes, nose, stomach, arms, legs or so on. But it has different names with each organ. This includes running nose, influenza, hay fever, summer common cold, and urtecaria. In addition to, spasmodic chest disease, spring cattar, recurrent bronchitis and brochial asthma. All these diseases are different …

addiction sin disease

Addiction: Sin or Disease?

Salam Dear Abid, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. What is Addiction? First of all, let us see what addiction is. The experts who have contributed to the site, familydoctor.org write: “Addiction is a disease that affects your brain and your behavior. You have control over your choice to start …

Diabetics & Hajj Rituals

Hajj is a spiritual journey that takes two weeks up to two months in the hottest seasons of the year and is carried out in a place where there is no permanent residence for the pilgrims. Pilgrims always gather in a very limited patch of land and they undergo a considerable change in their way …

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