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How to Avoid Lack of Concentration in Prayers

How to Avoid Lack of Concentration in Prayers

Many a time do people get distracted from their prayers, thinking about worldly affairs. Does this affect the reward of their prayers? And what should they do to avoid lack of concentration during prayer?

Inspiring Teenager: Story of Ferdous

After hearing the news of his death, I called my Arabic teacher and told him, “Ustadh, do you remember Ferdous, the brother who I lived with for a few days in the other apartment?”He could not recall at first but then replied, “Oh you mean that brother who was constantly reciting the Quran?” Two years …

Significance of Hajj

Pilgrims gather for supplication with their different tongues and different ethnic backgrounds, which recalls the site of resurrection. When their aspirations are joined, their hearts become devoted exclusively to humble supplication…

The Six Days of Shawwal

Those who observe the fast of Ramadan are given their recompense of the day of Eid al-Fitr, the day when the fast is rewarded. Getting into the habit of fasting again soon thereafter is a means of giving thanks to Allah for the blessings that we have received.

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