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Can Supplication (Dua) Change Destiny?

Short Answer: Those things in this worldly life that Allah made impermissible (haram) for Muslims because of their harmful aspects, will be permissible for believers in Jannah, because their harmful aspects will be removed by Allah. So I am very hopeful that, if a believer will desire to have a dog as a pet in Jannah, Allah will let …

Is Allah Testing Me?

Is Allah Testing Me?

In this counseling answer: • When times are bad, this could very well be a test, but it could also just be your misconceptions. • Take a moment each night to note down 3 things that you are grateful for in that day. • You can also take time to go through each individual difficulty …

How to Understand Fate and Free Will in Islam

How to Understand Fate and Free Will in Islam

How we get to act on free will while at the same time remaining bound to fate is known only to God. God, in His Infinite Wisdom, can maintain this duality. We ought to have faith in both. The knowledge of free will and its consequences makes us accountable…

Laylatul Qadr the Night that Decides Our Lives

Laylatul Qadr - The Night That Decides Our Lives

That is what Laylatul Qadr is. It is a night of peacefulness and mercy. The Night of our Lives. It is the Night that can get us forgiven for every sin we have committed. The Night which can guarantee us a spot in paradise.

Those who Trust Allah Never Lose Hope

Those who Trust Allah Never Lose Hope

One of the important characteristics of a Muslim is that he remains in a positive state of mind, whatever the circumstances. He tries for the best and look for wisdom. A Muslim is never in despair, not even in most difficult moments…

divorce Gods will

Divorce: God's Will or A Result of Our Own Actions?

Short Answer: Divorce is a result of our free will as human beings. We choose to leave our spouses or they choose to leave us for their own reasons. Although Allah knew before you were even born that you would marry this person and divorce them, too, it cannot be said that he made the divorce happen: …

bad luck

My Bad Luck: Is it Jinn Possession, Black Magic, or Fate?

Walaykum Asalam waRahmat Allah, Dear Sister, Thank you for sending your question to Ask About Islam and sharing your concerns with us. May Allah enable us to help you adequately, and may you find the right answer that truly benefits you here and in the hereafter. Don’t Obsess Over Jinn and Black Magic Now, first of all, do NOT concern …

evil eye destiny

Can the Evil Eye Overpower God's Destiny For Us?

Salam Alaykum Dear Shazia, Thank you so much for sending your question and for your sincere desire to gain knowledge and learn more about your deen. May Allah reward you for your pursuit of knowledge and enrich your life with light and wisdom. Nothing Overpowers Allah With regards to your question: No, the hadith simply …

Whenever You Are Afflicted, Say These 4 Powerful Du’as

In rough times, and in times when we feel all is lost, du’a is usually what we think as “our last weapon”. In fact, du’a is among the strongest of resources that a believer has. These du’as are those that were made in times of difficulty and uncertainty…

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