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"I Have A Dream" Let Your Imagination Run Free

"I Have A Dream"... Let Your Imagination Run Free

A truly beautiful dream never dies. This is because it does not just revolve around oneself. It includes others and is not selfish. The true promise of Allah’s reward sustains our hopes even in our worldly activities, even when we know that they will not provide…

6 Reasons Why You Must Never Lose Hope

6 Reasons Why You Must Never Lose Hope

Sometimes we find ourselves engrossed in so many bad deeds that we begin to wonder if ever we would earn the mercy of Allah. Some people may even go to the extent of stopping all good deeds, because they feel like it’s a waste of time, and that they are…

When People Mock You, Trust God & Be Focused

When People Mock You, Trust God & Be Focused

The beautiful message in this video by Sheikh Yahya Rhodus explains basically how to remain focused and steadfast on the path to Allah despite what people say. When we travel down that road of entertaining things that stem from other people’s unrighteousness, we are straying off the course that we are supposed to be on, …

4 Steps for Overcoming Anxiety

Our fear is often worse than the things we are afraid of. Sometimes we fear some crisis occurring and that fear becomes a crisis in itself. Our fear of sickness may actually be the worst sickness to afflict us.

Battling Depression with the Quran

Battling Depression with the Quran - How?

For those of us who personally face these depressive demons on a daily basis, there is hope for us to overcome them. Islam has equipped the believer with the essential tools to fight depression and recover from it. The greatest tool being the blessed Holy Quran itself.

Positivity is an Act of Resistance - 3 Inspiring Stories

Positivity is an Act of Resistance - 3 Inspiring Stories

Remaining positive means changing the dialogue in our minds when Satan starts to whisper to us to give up. It means reminding ourselves to have hope, to be patient, to trust God – to resist the whispers of Satan with positivity.

Despair and Suicide in Islam

Despair and Suicide in Islam

How can a person suffering from suicidal thoughts bring themselves back from the brink? This can be achieved in many ways; firstly by strengthening one’s relationship with God. This is achieved by reading the Quran, being mindful of Him and making lots of du’a (supplication) to God.

Never Give Up - The Power of Hope in the Quran

People feel terrible when they think that God will not forgive them or is angry with them. It is dark and heavy feeling, and it is also one of Satan’s most useful weapons. Satan uses our despair to push us further away from God. When a person thinks that they will not be forgiven…

How to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts

How Do I Deal With Suicidal Thoughts?

Haunted by suicidal thoughts and feel that your life is worthless? The first step is to call out the handiwork your most mortal enemy – Shaitan – and put suicidal thoughts in their place. They are suggestions of self-destruction from someone who swore to make you destroy yourself through any means possible. Great, so now what? Watch …

In the Ocean of the Dunya - Seeking Pearls or Drowning

While it is a difficult journey and difficulties that lie all through it, there are lots of treasures that we can enjoy in the sea. There are lots of beautiful things that Allah has taught us in the dunya and given us so as to enjoy and cherish.

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