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Overcoming the Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Overcoming the Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse

In this counseling answer: Know that you are not at fault. The sooner you start counseling, the sooner you can begin to heal. Support groups can be a powerful tool for healing. As Salamu ‘Alaykum, Thank you for writing to us about your most important concerns. As I understand it, you have not worked for …

Punishment Suicide

What's The Punishment for Committing Suicide?

Short Answer: It is understood that in the life hereafter, one would continue doing the action which led to one’s self-inflicted death, again and again, according to a hadith that speaks about this. However, some important scholars in the history of Islam have said that the punishment in hell will not be eternal. But, the deeper question is: what’s bad about …

After My Divorce, I’m Still Depressed

After Divorce, I’m Still Depressed

In this counseling answer: • Speak with your psychiatrist or counselor and inform them that you are still depressed and you would like to try other treatments. • Draw closer to Allah through prayer, reading Quran, attending the Masjid, joining sisters for social events. • Check out support groups for depression. As Salam Alaykum sister, Thank you …

A Bullied Teen: I Want to Overcome My Depression

Answer: As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum, Thank you for placing your trust in our ability to propose a solution to your current situation. I understand that your depressive state is a result of the abusive treatment you received from your schoolmates when you were younger. You have successfully overcome all negativity through weight-lifting and exercising which clearly proved …

Husband Isn’t Interested in Sex

Husband Isn’t Interested in Sex

Answer:  As-Salamu ‘Alaikum sister, I am sorry to hear you are having intimacy problems in your marriage. Intimacy is important not just because it is a basic human need and desire, but it is also a way in which couples bond, express love and draw closer to each other. While it is possible to do …

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