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More Young Muslim Women Lean into Arranged Marriages

NEW YORK — By the begging of 2019, the Muslim matchmaking app Muzmatch announced hitting one million global users. The co-founders of the dating tool further informed that at least 15,000 users have gotten married after meeting through Muzmatch. However, many young Muslim women are leaning into their families’ traditions of arranged marriage, seeing it …

20 Popular Questions Asked by Teens

Your parents say one thing. Your friends say another. But what does Islam say regarding relationships, crushes and other issues facing teens today? Many people write to us with questions that perhaps they wouldn’t be too comfy asking mom, the sheikh or even their bestie. We’ve compiled a list of questions we get asked on …


A Request For Dating My Daughter!

In this counseling answer: •You have to be able to explain that to your daughter so that this discussion does not become a matter of your being strict or old-fashioned; dating is not permissible for all of eternity. •Help her to understand and appreciate the larger context of the relationship between men and women according to …

Young, Muslim and Looking for Love? Dating Guru Offers to Help

LONDON – For British Muslim girls in the 21st century, Thanna Alghabban is playing the role of the 18th century Jane Austin, who tells them how to navigate through the western life without falling into what’s haram or forbidden in Islam. “The more we get educated, the more independent, the more we want real love …


Dating and My Younger Sister

In this counseling answer: •Dating in Islam is not allowed, and here you are escorting your younger sister to meet this man when she wants to see him. He too should know (as a Muslim) that this is not accepted in Islam. •It is advisable that you address this immediate problem, a problem that none of …

Islam Answers Fallacies about Sex, Love, and Marriage

Islam Answers Fallacies About Sex, Love, and Marriage

Growing up Christian in the American South, I began dating at 13. It was the early 90s, and even then, I was considered a late bloomer since my peers had all been dating for a few years. The initiation of my romantic life at a young age was something even my parents encouraged…

New Muslimahs - 5 Things to Consider Before Marriage

New Muslimahs - 5 Things to Consider Before Marriage

Once you have started to form a relationship with someone and develop feelings for them, the tendency is not to want to hear anything that could spoil things, and this is where the guardian’s role becomes most important.

Dating & Boyfriends: My Parents’ Advice to Find My Husband

Dates & Boyfriends: My Parents’ Advice to Find My Husband

In this counseling answer: “(1) Talk to your parents more about why you want to get married. Pray they will step up and assist you locally. (2) Overcome your shyness and ask sisters, friends, or the local imam to put the word out for you locally. (3) Consider marrying someone back home that your parents have pursued you. (4) Be …

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