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How to Feel God's Peace in This Life?

How to Feel God's Peace in This Life?

It is astonishing that some people who invoke God by this noble name live their lives in contention and hostility towards the world. Every aspect of their lives is full of strife, from within themselves, to their outward behavior, in their thinking, and with their families. How can such a person find peace with the Lord?

Don't Hate… Educate

Prophet Muhammad faced a similar situation after leaving his home in Makkah to migrate to Madinah upon the invitation of its citizens. When he got there, some of his Companions — from the immigrants — were so homesick that they got physically ill. The unity of society was at risk and needed an urgent solution…

Don't be Like a Dry Branch

Is it proper to be rigid and unyielding on everything? Or is it better to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and seek out new options and alternatives? Flexibility is a skill. It allows us to negotiate the middle ground between stubborn resolve on the one hand and indecision on the other. We should be neither obstinate nor wishy-washy.

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