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One Question that Could Save Your Marriage

“Who knew marriage could be so difficult?” asked Sara: “One day you’re this care-free woman, pretty selfish and self-indulgent. Next you have a roomie – and one that is supposed to share that room with you for the rest of your life!” “We were living on top of each other,” she added, “Everyone has disagreements …


Why American Muslim Couples Opt For Divorce?

A stark reality is nibbling away at Muslim communities living in America. A veracity that shakes the foundation of not only a family but the society as a whole, which is known as divorce. According to Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus a sociologist based in New York, “the divorce rate of Muslims living in America in the …

How to Protect Your Marriage from the Evil Eye

“O Allah, protect them both from the eye.” I make this silent dua for the young, attractive-looking married Muslim couple onscreen, as I watch them flirt with and tease each other in their vlog on YouTube. I cast a glance at the number of subscribers on their channel…

Marriage - Not a Passing Adventure! It is a Life Relationship

Marriage - Not a Passing Adventure! It is a Life Relationship

There are three necessary conditions for every Muslim home to fulfill its mission. They are tranquility, love, and mercy. I mean by tranquility satisfaction. A husband should be totally satisfied by his wife and vice versa. Love is a mutual feeling that makes the relationship a happy and enjoyable one…

How Prophet Muhammad Reprimanded Aisha

Because of her young age and lack of life experience, Aisha sometimes did or said things that made her husband reprimand her. We all can learn from these incidents, because even though most husbands nowadays do not have child brides, they do have wives who sometimes behave in ways that they do not like.

7 F’s For a Happy Marriage

One of the main components of a happy marriage is that the spouses are able to forgive, that they do not hold grudges or act judgmental towards each other. It is expected that when we live with someone, situations may arise when we end up saying or doing things that hurt our spouses.

The Lost Art of Altruism

By inviting the refugees to participate in a meal celebrating their wedding, the couple did more than fill the stomachs of the hungry neighbors. They treated them as their brothers, and honored them as guests.

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