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Muslim Convert’s Ultimate Guide to Rajab (Including videos)

Are you at a loss about what all this Rajab excitement is for? Here are the best articles (and videos!) to help you get up to speed and reap some of the blessings of the holy month of Rajab. In a nutshell There’s A LOT to know about Rajab. Here is a great primer: -What …

Argumentative Questioners

Dealing With Argumentative Questioners of Islam

Short Answer: First, before meeting mosque guests, make du`aa (supplication) and ask Allah to put the words into your mouth. Then let Him do the talking. Try to remain calm throughout the interview. If they try to raise an objection to one verse or hadith, try to counter it with another or the tafseer (explanation) if you know it. This is where your …

New Convert to Islam and Muslim Husband

New Convert to Islam and Muslim Husband: What to Do?

Short Answer:  Don’t take decisions while angry or frustrated. A sound judgment will require hearing the husband’s side as well. Therefore, seek a trustworthy marriage counselor who can listen to the full story in privacy and confidentiality. Neither one of you is allowed in Islam to oppress the other, so  first assess your individual relationship with …

Why Do Converts Cry while Taking Shahadah?

Why Do Converts Cry while Taking Shahadah?

These overwhelming reactions often result in tears and feelings of liberation, as if the soul has been unburdened and set free.
Those who have not experienced this emotional release have trouble understanding the deep response felt by those who repeat the Shahadah…

Why Are Conversions Increasing with Terrorist Activity?

Why Are Conversions to Islam Still on the Rise?

Some of those whose conversion began with knowledge of a terrorist crime wanted to better understand how a religion could possibly be that evil. It’s an outrageous claim that isn’t easily swallowed by everyone. These people needed to find out for themselves.

convert overwhelming

Converted Long Ago, But Islam Still Feels Overwhelming

Salam Dear Jasmin, I want to thank you very much for sending us your question. We’re immensely grateful to receive it, and to do anything we can to help you. The first thing that occurred to me while reading your question is Allah’s words: …Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship. (Quran …

American Soldiers Convert To Islam

American Soldiers Convert To Islam

This shows American Muslim soldiers in their Islamic Center at their Afghanistan base. It also shows American soldiers who have converted to Islam through tours they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan!

The Experience of That Who Can’t Fast in Ramadan

The Experience of 3 Women Who Can’t Fast in Ramadan

How do Muslims who cannot fast still take part in the holy month of Ramadan? Do they feel different not fasting? Do they miss it? Are they happy they don’t have to fast? Are they judged by those who do fast? Here’s what some Muslims, who can’t fast, had to say

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