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The More You Know Him, The More You Love Him

When I was first introduced to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it was in a religion class in college. I took the class specifically to learn about Islam, as it was the only class that even came close to it, monotheistic world religions…

Converted To Islam Because Of Ramadan Prayer

Converted To Islam Because Of Ramadan Prayer

Sister Christina always have a spiritual connection with God when she was a Catholic. She went to university and met some Muslim friends who took her to Ramadan prayer (Taraweeh). She felt a deep connection that night when she saw the prayer and even joined in the prayer. From there it led her to accept …

Youtube Videos Led Me to Islam

I stopped working in the clubs that I was photographing in. and so I had to find something different, a different area. And when I started to wear the Hijab, I noticed some changes.

Bitter to Blessed

Why did these people conduct their lives with such kindness? What made them behave so respectfully and so unlike anything that I had negatively heard on the American news and media channels? WHY?

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