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Learning a New Lingo - A Covert's Funny Stories

Learning a New Lingo - A Convert's Funny Stories

I can think of several amusing misunderstandings in my early months as a Muslim (many years ago!). I first learned to perform salah (ritual prayer) from a book. The instructions said that I should not let a stranger walk in front of me while praying and I took that very literally.

New Muslims - Welcome to Islam

New Muslims - Welcome to Islam

I would like to share a few of my stories with you. These are my embarrassing first steps into Islam. I tell them to you so that you will not be afraid to go forward, knowing that we all have to start somewhere.

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I Want to Be Muslim: How Do I Convert to Islam?

Short Answer: If anyone is strongly convinced that Islam is the true religion ordained by God, then he/she should take the Shahadah to convert to Islam. The Shahadah is the first and the most important of the five pillars of Islam. After your declaration of the testimony of faith, you need to learn more about Islam and practice it according to …

I Was in Hell Before I Knew God

I Was in Hell Before I Knew God

I grew up in a society with atheist past of Soviet Union, but at the same time, I was a Christian thanks to my family. I was so religious by nature though I didn’t get any deep knowledge or religious education for my self. But day-by-day, I discovered this…

How Did Yusuf Find Islam in Cuba?

HAVANA – Growing up with his Christian mother, Arnaldo, now Yusuf, was a young man in Havana who enjoyed the joys of life while believing in the existence of a superior God who created the world. The young Cuban man found Islam accidently after noticing a Muslim man walking past his door as he sat …

Black & American- Islam Gave Me Hope

Black & American: Islam Gave Me Hope

My name is Lawrence Coleman, right? So I could choose to hide but, you know, Islam gives me a place to hope for better. My parents, my mother was born in the City of Tacoma. My father was born in Chicago. We ended up moving to the hilltop area in the early nineties.

Convert Faces Modern-Day Abu Jahl - Brandi Marino’s Story

Convert Faces Modern-Day Abu Jahl - Brandi Marino’s Story

Brandi Marino’s story is one most converts can relate to. After converting in 2011, she faced a torrent of backlash from her Catholic family. Brandi learned about Islam from a message she received online. Not knowing who the message was from, she…

Only Islam Could Fill the Void Within Me

Only Islam Could Fill the Void Within Me

I spent my senior year of high school in Japan as an exchange student, and this was a pivotal experience for me. My views on many social principles, such as feminism and concept of family were greatly impacted. It was in Japan that I realized that men…


About to Convert, Concerned About My Family

Short Answer: Muslims should be the best in goodness and in honoring their family because charity begins at home. As a person who really thinks about converting to Islam, you should also think about introducing Islam to your family and making them enjoy the blessing of knowing the way of Allah and His straight path. _____________________________________ …

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