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4 Reasons Make Us Convert to Islam

4 Reasons Make Us Convert to Islam

A real convert tell their stories, and we can share their elation and excitement. There are even articles that explain exactly how to become Muslim. Many advantages are gained by converting to Islam, the most obvious one being the sense of calmness…

Nurse Cassie Converted to Islam for This Incredible Reason

Nurse Cassie Converted to Islam for This Incredible Reason

I was shocked… a man who has lost all memory of his children, of his occupation, and could barely eat and drink was able to remember, not only actions of prayer but verses that were in other language. This was nothing short of incredible…

Converting to an Oppressive Religion!

Converting to An Oppressive Religion!

Coming from the country side in Australia, I was never exposed to Islam. I knew nothing about it. I thought of it as an oppressive religion, whenever I heard about it. It wasn’t until I went to Malaysia, that God guided me in ways I never expected, Subhan’Allah.

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Real Talk: Why Are Some Converts Leaving Islam?

Salam Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. How many times has someone accepted Islam and declared Shahadah in the mosque, only for a month or so later people to ask “whatever happened to that brother who accepted Islam a month ago?” The fact is that there are many …

Here is What Convinced Me About Islam

Here is What Convinced Me About Islam

When I came across Islam and when I moved to work in Dubai, I learned more what I like about Islam. I realized that in Islam it is OK to ask questions; and every question you ask should have an answer, whereas with other religions it is just like you just have to have faith.

Adjusting to the Reality of the Muslim World

Adjusting to the Reality of the Muslim World

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard relatively new Muslims gasp: “But Muslims don’t do that!” It seems incredulous to them that people who were born into Muslim families, or even other new Muslims sometimes, can do things that God forbids or don’t do everything that He commands.

I was Forced to Accept Islam

How I Was Forced to Accept Islam

There were only two choices and one was no choice at all. I could not deny what I had discovered, ignoring it and going on with my life as before, though I did consider it briefly. That left only one option. I knew I had to accept it.

I Wondered why Muslims are Proud

I Wondered Why Muslims Are So Proud

I was always curious why Muslims are so proud that they are Muslims. I was Catholic, a good one, but I always had doubts and I didn’t agree with some parts of my religion…

New Muslim - When is The Best Time to Perform Hajj?

New Muslim - When is the Best Time to Perform Hajj?

If you can go to Hajj, you should go as soon as possible, as the benefits far outweigh any possible disadvantages that may be experienced by a new Muslim. This has been borne out by those I have known who have gone to Hajj within the first few years as Muslims.

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