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The True Spirit of Jihad Made Me Muslim

The Arabic word “Jihad” is roughly translated as “to struggle and strive in the Way of God.” Jihad is to speak nicely to people when they speak poorly to you. It is a jihad to smile at others when you are not in the best mood. It’s a jihad to refrain from intoxicants…

This Is How Islam Rose from Rwanda Ashes

For thousands of people in Rwanda, the sight of Muslims taking people inside mosques to protect them during genocide was the moment they decided to convert to Islam. “I was a Catholic pastor before genocide,” Matabaro Sulaiman told TRT World. When the genocide in Rwanda began in 1994, the 49-year-old suffered a crisis of faith …

Rejected by Church I Found My God to Worship

Rejected by Church, I Found My God to Worship

At some point, my life just sort of spiraled to the bottom and I cracked. My immediate response was to turn to God, and, having been raised Catholic, it was to that church that I turned. At the time, I had been divorced and remarried and came to find out…

How I Learned to Pray in An Unorthodox Way

How I Learned to Pray in An Unorthodox Way

I converted to Islam, then I learned better about the Muslim way of praying. I had no idea how prescribed it would be. I didn’t grow up with any formal prayer, and imagined that five times a day I would do something similar to the kind of thing you see Christians doing on TV: kneeling …

NZ Rugby Player Ofa Tu'ungafasi Accepts Islam

CHRISTCHURCH – The All Blacks rugby player Ofa Tu’ungafasi has accepted Islam following a visit with his Muslim teammate Sonny Bill Williams over the weekend to the survivors of Christchurch mosque terrorist attack. “Allahu akbar today Sonny Bill William’s mother and his teammate Offa Tuungafasi accepted Islam. May Allah make it easy for them and …

I Showed the Beauty of Islam Through My Actions

I Showed the Beauty of Islam Through My Actions

I decided that actions would be a better way to show that Islam is making me a better person. Over time, they realized that I was being more respectful, I was calmer I guess because I found inner peace. Islam appealed to me so much because it’s a beautiful religion.

UK Woman Converts to Islam After Christchurch Massacre

BEESTON – Following Christchurch terrorist attack last Friday, which left 50 Muslims killed and more injured, people around the world have remarkably reacted with tremendous love and support for Muslims, in addition to gifts and messages. In this context,  a British woman from Nottinghamshire visited Ibraheem Mosque in Beeston town just to pay her respect …

Navigating the Journey- A Convert’s Advice For Born Muslims

Navigating the Journey: A Convert’s Advice For Born Muslims

As someone who started his own journey almost 15 years ago, I can say that being a Muslim has been one of the most fulfilling – and equally challenging – things that I have ever done. The first few months as a Muslim can be filled with pitfalls…

I Wanted to Bring a Friend to Christianity

I Wanted to Bring a Friend to Christianity, Allah Guided Me to Him

I never went on like a journey to find the truth because being raised in the church as firmly as I had been I always assumed that I was upon it already. So what actually happened was that there was another revert brother that I went to school with, we were pretty good friends at the time.

How Can I Be a Muslim without Losing My Family?

How Can I Be a Muslim without Losing My Family?

In this counseling answer: • Contact your local mosque and seek direct help from the local Muslim community in regards to the future of your marriage. • Acknowledge your wife’s concerns and ensure she knows that her voice is important. • Show your family the truth of Islam through your actions and character. • Do …

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