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Emotional Video: German Man Converts to Islam on Deathbed

BERLIN — A video showing an elderly man reciting the Shahada, Muslims’ declaration of faith, on his deathbed has gone viral on the social media in the past few days, Khaleej Times reported on August 13. According to Khaleej Times, the man in the video is a 75-year-old German who has converted to Islam on …

Chinese Man Converts to Islam to Marry Nigerian Woman

LAGOS – Photos showing a Chinese man celebrating his wedding to a Nigerian woman came online, telling a story of love overcoming distances and differences. According to, the man, whose name was not identified by the paper, traveled thousands of miles to marry the Muslim girl. As he was not a Muslim, the man …

“No Alcohol” Attracted Me to Islam

“No Alcohol” Attracted Me to Islam

You have to understand. I didn’t deserve this kindness. I had spewed some mean things about Islam and here was this person that extended a hand I so-desperately needed. This action changed the course of my life…

Uthman Converted

The Wealthy Companion - How Uthman Converted to Islam

Uthman accepted Islam easily partly because of the dreamlike vision he had experienced whilst on a journey home from Syria. While trying to fall asleep Uthman had heard a voice calling out, “O sleepers arise because Ahmad has emerged in Mecca” it said.

From Harassing Islam to a Staunch Lover

From Harassing Islam to a Staunch Lover

I started to hate Islam because of these horrible Muslims killing innocent people here and there for no reason whatsoever. I dragged my best friend at the time into this, and she quickly hated Islam as well. We Snapchatted each other, with pictures of…

An American and a Muslim

Converting to Islam: An American and a Muslim?

Short Answer: I assure you that you will have fantastic days ahead of you. I could also assure you that you will be tested. Islam has a core of faith matters, acts of worship and morals. But beyond that, people from every culture adapt to Islam in their own special way based on their background. _____________________________________ Salam Dear Michael, Thank …

Islam Showed Me That I Could Be Good Too

Islam taught me that people could be good. And Islam showed me that I could be good too. And that holding out for good things in your life and saying no to these bad choices, or these bad opportunities is worth it. That is important to do that. So that’s why I love to be a Muslim. And that’s why I chose Islam.

40 Expats Convert to Islam During Mass Ramadan Iftar

DUBAI – A Ramadan iftar has become a turning point in the lives of around 40 expatriates in Dubai They all took Shahada (testimony of faith) during the event organized by the Dubai Islamic Information Center (IIC) at Dar Al Ber Society auditorium on Wednesday. “I was a Christian in search of truth. I would …

Inspired by Teacher, Student Converts to Islam

ISTANBUL – A Beninese student in a scholarship to Turkey has converted to Islam, for being highly inspired by his teacher. “I heard the Azan (the Muslim call to prayer) and loved it but never thought that I would become a Muslim someday,” Thibaut Gbetolossi Gbaguidi, 27, told Anadolu Agency. Gbaguidi came to Turkey in …

3,000 Expats in Oman Embrace Islam in 2018

MUSCAT – 3,000 expats have embraced Islam in the first five months in 2018, the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Oman has announced. “Since the beginning of January until today. Many of the new converts are Europeans, followed by Indians,” an official at the ministry told the Times of Oman. Over a week …

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