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59 People Embrace Islam in Filipino Village

CEBU, The Philippines – A total number of 59 Filipino villagers converted to Islam on Monday, December 10, following a lecture by a Muslim scholar working with the UK-based Islamic Education & Research Academy (IERA). In the village of Tingtingon on the Filipino Island of Cebu, people attended a lecture by Abu Bakr Arabi titled …

How Friday Prayer Brought Me To Islam

How Friday Prayer Brought Me to Islam

For Musa, his religion seemed so important… How can something be more important than to have a job that helps you pay your bills? I wanted to know more about Musa’s religion. But almost twenty years ago, it was not easy…

Irish Shahadah on St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Shahadah on St. Patrick’s Day

My search for God and contentment had been a constant battle; I needed to connect with Him but I couldn’t find Him in the places I had been looking. Coming from Northern Ireland, religion is big thing, everyone is connected to a church…

Muslim Hospitality Made Me Embrace Islam

Muslim Hospitality Made Me Embrace Islam

I remember that day until today. It was a beautiful time. His mother greeted me like I was her own son. I felt a bit awkward at first but then I just enjoyed the whole atmosphere. Hasan’s grandmother and grandfather were also there. I remember me asking…

Pilot Converts to Islam 18,000 Feet Above Saudi Arabia

“There is no god but Allah” “I testify that Muhammad is the Prophet”  MAKKAH – The news that a Brazilian pilot has reportedly converted to Islam while flying a passenger jet above Saudi Arabia, has been making headlines, with many welcoming the new convert to the world’s fastest growing religion. “We are here with pilot …

Islam Taught Me Compassion Not Terrorism

Islam Taught Me Compassion, Not Terrorism

My motivation to embrace Islam came from the feeling in my heart what I was taught to believe regarding Catholicism couldn’t be right. I would ask why should I pray to Jesus when he himself said do not pray to me but to your Father in Heaven? I was never…

How Lauren Booth Found Peace in the Holy Land

I’m a Christian author and a social activist who spends a great deal of time talking about why someone with a Christian upbringing and a westernized background might choose to follow the path of Islam – even though I’m not a Muslim myself. Sounds surprising? I know, but if you knew my family history you’d …

He Was a Staunchest Enemy of Islam - Khalid's Story

He Was a Staunchest Enemy of Islam - Story of Khalid

This letter planted a seed of questions in Khalid ibn Al-Walid. He then had a dream, in which he saw a very dark area that opened up into a green pasture with a lot of light. He understood this darkness as disbelief and the light as Islam. He decided to travel to the Prophet and accept the religion.

Entire Village Converts to Islam in the Philippines

CEBU, The Philippines – A team of enthusiastic Muslims cooperating with the UK-based Islamic Education & Research Academy (IERA) has witnessed a miracle on Sunday, November 11, with an entire village in the Philippines converting to Islam. As part of their Dawah Outreach work, the iERA team were invited by a Muslim convert, Abu Bakr, …


A Muslim By Name, But A Hindu By Nature

In this counseling answer: “As you talk to him, ask him whether he loves you. Reassure him that you love him and that you married him because you felt together you both would have a loving and caring relationship. Remind him that he is spiritually connected to you and that as your husband, he is essentially to …

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