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Learning to Prevent the Self

Learning to Prevent the Self

We control ourselves to stay away from sin even when we feel like rushing to do them. And we do it only because we fear Allah and want His pleasure. That is the end goal. That is our destination, and that is achieved by having self-control.

In Search of Inner Peace

In Search for Inner Peace

If we are not near God, who is the source of peace, we can never ever attain peace. And the nearer I am to that source, the more I will have of it. So the nearer I am to the source of water the more water I will have, and the nearer I am to the source of peace the more peace that I will have.

How to Control Our Love for this Dunya?

How to Control Our Love for this Dunya?

The good news is that, as parents, you can do a lot to make sure the love of Allah wins over the love of dunya in the hearts and minds of your children. Use their obsession with getting that bright and shiny new toy as a teachable moment. Tell them about children who could only dream about having all that they have.

Get to Know Surah Al-Taghabun – With Brother Nouman

Allah knows what you are going through. And Allah is capable of changing your circumstances. And whatever you are going through is happening because Allah is allowing it to happen. When bad things happen to people, they start questioning Allah and say “If He is All-Powerful, how come He is not changing my circumstances?”…

How to Deal with Hate and Anger

Responding simply and peacefully to hateful people automatically sets you apart and highlights the ugliness of their comments. The result is sweetness. You will feel good for having risen above the nastiness and most likely your example will provide optimism for anyone who witnesses such an exchange.

Best Weapons against Sadness and Worry

Patience means accepting what is beyond our control. In times of stress and anxiety, being able to surrender to the will of God is a relief beyond measure. This does not mean that we sit back and let life pass by. No! It means that we strive to please God in all aspects of our life…

Calm is the Pinnacle of Virtue

Calm enhances one’s good qualities and makes one’s bad qualities seem less serious. Even a wrongdoer, if he maintains his composure and good manners, is more likely to be excused for his wrongdoing.

The Qur’anic Verse of the Throne

Every thought anyone thinks, every word anyone speaks, and every deed anyone does of all the past, present, and future countless generations… Allah knows them in detail. Thinking this over, one cannot help but humbly say: {Our Lord! You comprehend all things in Your Mercy and Knowledge, so forgive…}

What Would Jesus Do? (Part 1)

Jesus (peace be upon him) would show the politicians of today that he has no gun hidden within his robes and that he has no hidden agenda to be superior to others or to force people to do anything against their will.

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