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Your First 3 Practical Steps as a New Muslim

Your First 3 Practical Steps as a New Muslim

Much has been written on what a new Muslim should do after converting. What the first steps after shahadah should be is a topic even I have expounded on many times—like the article I wrote entitled, The First Step A New Convert Should Take…

Tariq Ramadan: Between Individual and Community Work

Tariq Ramadan: Between Individual and Community Work

Islam adopts a balanced approach. In your endeavor to worship Allah and strengthen your relationship with Him, there are two dimensions to take care of. The first and starting point is to educate and reform your own soul as a duty that you, as an individual, is responsible for. That is the obligation every one, …

Ramadan Reminders - Caring For The Reverts

Ramadan Reminders - Caring For The Reverts

Alhamdulillah, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world! This means with each new Ramadan, there are new Muslims about to take on their first Ramadan. For some reverts Ramadan is very isolating, they have no one to share their iftars and can face many challenges. Muslims need to include them into the community …

One Qiblah, United Community

One Qiblah, United Community

It was a brand new community, encompassing people from different ethnic groups, social classes, religious and educational backgrounds. They had all reasons to disagree and fight in between themselves, and they did fight before Islam; but they had one main cause to unite for: Allah, the Almighty, and His beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be …

3 Steps to Protecting New Muslims from Extremism

The challenge of extremism is widespread, complex and difficult. However, if we aim to work for the wellbeing of our community and to be inspired by a Prophet who was described as a mercy to all of mankind, we must address this topic.

2 Things will Save Your Marriage

In Islamic spiritual literature, we read the story told of an elderly couple who were reminiscing about their lives together. The wife said to her husband: “Even as we were together in this world, I hope we will be together in heaven because of our appreciation and patience. I was the most beautiful woman…

The Life-Changing Power of Prayer

Prayer gave me my first motivation to learn to read Arabic, and to start memorizing Quran–plus daily opportunities to review what I had already memorized. That eventually led me to study Arabic more deeply when the opportunities arose…

Stop Calling Me a Revert!

If we need to use a special term at all, why not talk about “New Muslims?” My own preference is to talk about those who have embraced Islam. It might take a couple of seconds longer to say, but it is a much friendlier term and it certainly shows that these brothers and sisters are welcome.

Falling in Love with Islam

For a minute I finally recognized myself and suddenly I could pinpoint that emptiness inside me. Then, I realized what I wanted to do. I wanted to become a Muslim! Just by saying it I scared myself and I had to blush. It was as if I was speaking of things that are forbidden…

Parents Worry as Their Kids Convert to Islam

We all know how Islam calls for us to have good and respectful relationships with our parents, especially our mothers. But how do we succeed in doing so, if the mere fact that we follow Islam is the cause for a disruption of this relationship?

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