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5 Things to Do If You Feel Your Husband is Bossy

5 Things to Do If You Feel Your Husband is Bossy

Answer: As-Salaam ‘Aleikom sister, Thank for writing to us about your concern, I will try my best to advice you, in sha’Allah. Allah (swt) has made this beautiful bond marriage which is all about compassion, love and respect for each other. Yes, the wife is ordered to obey her husband, but then the husband has …

Prophet Muhammad's Communication Skills

As a timeless example for mankind, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had six main spheres of communication working in parallel all the time: the first sphere was his connection with God; then with his family; his companions, the Muslim community…


Email Inventor Dies at 74

Internet pioneer Ray Tomlinson, who is credited with the invention of email, has died at the age of 74.

Turn to Allah and Trust in Him

Islam teaches us that every one of us can find comfort only by turning to God and tranquility that results from this communication is mentioned in many verses.

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