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God Makes Me Feel Better

God Makes Me Feel Better - The Story

Knowing that the Lord of the Heavens and the earth has a plan for you, and is there to hold you as you go through this difficulty, was among the most comforting feeling for Alisha. At first I needed to really try and make her believe that better things would be coming.

I Feel So Oppressed, How Do I Cope?

No matter how difficult things become, remember the importance of your relationship with God. Only God can truly alleviate all forms of hardship from the world. Only God can grant double ease for each hardship.

The Comfort of Little Things

Having a simple me-time could possibly be the best vacation you’ll need, to rejuvenate and energize yourself in this extremely fast-paced and hectic world we’re living in. Sometimes you just need to pamper and catch up with yourself. To breathe and relax…

Between Anxiety and Allah (SWT)

It came to a point where I felt as if I could not take much more. I ask Allah (SWT) in desperation to show me what I needed to learn, how I needed to change. I needed to know what Allah was guiding me to or away from so that I could just feel better, stable…

Sad and Worried- How to Be Grateful?

How often have we heard people with debilitating diseases or terrible disabilities thank God for their conditions, or speak about pain and suffering bringing blessings and goodness into their lives? How often have we listened to others speak about horrific experiences and ordeals, yet continue to thank God?

Tales From A Hijabi

I wasn’t even sure I was going to wear the hijab. I felt uncomfortable about being “exposed” as a Muslim at my daughter’s wedding. What would the other side of the family think (they’re mostly Catholics)? What would my daughters’ father think (he’s an ordained minister)? And most importantly, what would my daughter and her fiancé think?

6 Verses of Love, Tolerance & Freedom of Religion

The values of the Quran hold a Muslim responsible for treating all people, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, kindly and justly, protecting the needy and the innocent and “preventing the dissemination of mischief”. Mischief comprises all forms of anarchy and terror that remove security, comfort and peace.

Comfort of the Heart vs. Comfort of the Body

It is hard to understand when all you know is comfort of the body, but the taste of faith and the fulfillment of the heart is sweeter and more satisfying than anything the tongue has relished. It is the reason that so many Muslims smile while feeling the physical discomfort of fasting.

Take It Slowly

If you concentrate on developing a relationship with God and the Quran, rules and regulations will seem like the natural way to act. You will see that the rules are actually guidance from the One that knows human kind best, the Creator Himself.

Prophet Muhammad - The Spiritual Leader

In his spiritual leadership, the Prophet Muhammad represented the best servanthood by showing his followers in his prayers how to be in awe of God, how to be humble, how to prostrate with deep feelings, and how to cry to God at night.

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