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Why Congregational Prayers Are Important in Campus

Why Congregational Prayers Are Important in Campus

If you are a student, do you prefer congregational prayers or you just pray alone? Here is why the question is important. The company that you keep will either make you or break you. If you want to be a better person, be around people who will help you improve. Where to find these friends? …

The Texan Who Found Allah

I went into a city of anarchy, death, and chaos. The echoes of its destruction I believe were a harbinger of the downfall of our civilization. But also the song of love amongst the believers is a new song of hope and revival. This love and sincerity I did not find in the richest and most powerful empire in the world.

Finding Islam on the Road to College

Divine laws represent guidance for humankind in all walks of life. They define right and wrong for them and offer human beings a complete system governing all of their affairs.

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