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My Marriage Problems and My Children

Question As-salamu `alaykum, My husband and I have a disturbed relationship, we have got 3 children who suffer from it. During our relations of 7 years, I have done everything to please my husband, but he was never satisfied.After wearing the hijab he wasn’t interested in me anymore, but he likes to look at naked woman. …


Today’s Parenting: Balancing Between Us and Them

Children are blessings. It’s a known fact. When an impending birth is being announced in the Quran, there is always a narration of the angels announcing joyous tidings. It’s no wonder that Muslim families often celebrate their children and tend to have many. Many children, many blessings. It does seem like the most natural way …


Taking the Homeschool Leap

My head was throbbing whilst looking forward to another sleepless night when my toddler was recovering from a cold that she had passed on to her baby brother. Yet, I needed to submit an article to a magazine, and I was relentlessly trying to come up with an idea. One of my editors was on-line …


The Minions and the Search for an Evil God

You can’t but LOL when you watch the Minions, especially if you sit next to my daughter Maryam (5 years), whose loud laughter adds a lot of juice to the experience. However as a parent, you cannot but reflect on the implicit messages that are being carried out to our youngsters. I am NOT a …

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