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My Child Is a Picky Eater

My Child Is a Picky Eater

Eating together is a very important opportunity for communication within the family. It is always a good chance to show children love and care and to find out about their likes and dislikes. But to some parents, it’s too much of a hassle. As an oro-motor consultant, I often receive complaints like, “my daughter starts …

You Took My Kids - Dua on Loss of Children

You Took My Kids - Dua on Loss of Children

What can we take from this man that went through so much in losing three of his children? Umar did not claim that he wasn’t hurt by the loss of those children. It’s natural. The Prophet cried when his children passed away. So Umar instead said that that loss did not make me resent you oh Allah.

Prophet Moses - A Male Child is Born

Prophet Moses - A Male Child is Born

Far from abandoning him, God set Moses up as a royal son of Egypt. He provided him with the strongest human support in the land. Asiya and Pharaoh now had a son, who was now protected by the very person who had sought to kill him.

How to Handle Your Hyperactive Child?

Having a hyperactive child causes much stress and suffering for parents. Sometimes, parents don’t have enough information or experience to deal with their hyperactive children to the point that they develop a bad relationship with them. Before being worried, parents need to understand that the hyperactivity of children is a normal thing in all ages. …

The Prophet’s Care for Children

These 9 Lovely Hadiths Show Prophet’s Care for Children

Children are a great blessing from Allah. With their tender hearts, children can be molded into righteous people only with a positive and tender approach. Islam considers children to be an amanah (trust) given to the family. Therefore, it is fard (obligatory) for the family to raise a child in a righteous manner. One should not …

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Easing Fasting for Your Kids in Ramadan - Try These Steps

Though fasting till puberty is not obligatory in Islam, many children wish to fast during Ramadan. If you are planning to make your children fast for the first time this Ramadan, you need to follow few tips to make it easy and enjoyable for them.


Is Religion Too Much for Your Children?

Faith and religion are important to every God-fearing family when it comes to raising a child. Any and every religious person will claim that the path he is on is the most correct path.  Who would knowingly choose wrong for their children?  Parents take on the responsibility of raising their children to become productive adults. …

interfaith children

Interfaith Marriage: Let My Children Choose Their Religion?

Short Answer: Yes and no. You should teach them and give them a strong foundation of Islam, but the choice is theirs. You should not force them to practice Islam. Salam Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. First of all, there is nothing that makes someone “a kafir“ except …

I Don't Feel Like Having Children, Normal?

I Don't Feel Like Having Children, Normal?

In this counseling answer:  “At 27 time is still on your side, but it is also limited. However, by no means should you feel pressured to having children if you don’t want to or are not ready to. What can be useful to do, is as it seems you have already, contemplate your 2 options; have children or …

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