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Why Is Prophet Moses Mentioned So Often in The Quran?

Short Answer: These very rich experiences can benefit people on various levels: on the leadership level, on the individual level, and on the community level. The similarity between Prophet Moses and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them both) is another important reason that necessitates such focus on the story of Moses. ______________________________________ Salam Rasha, Thank you …

The Story of Qarun (Korah) in the Quran

The Story of Qarun (Korah) in the Quran

Qarun was from the nation of Moses, he is from the children of Israel. Allah said that he became a transgressor and tyrant against all the people of Bani Israel and he was one of the most transgressors during the time of Moses.

Who Are God's Chosen People?

Asalamu Alaikum Muslimah, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. It is very important because of the current situation in the Middle East where Arabs and Israelis fight each other. Indeed, many people believe that Muslims and Jews cannot get along together at all, which is untrue. Muslims read in the noble Quran: …

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