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Fearing Jinn, Shall I Let Daughter Sleep With?

Fearing Jinn, Shall I Let Daughter Sleep with Me?

In this counseling answer: •Let your daughter sleep in her own room in her own bed. •Make duaa to Allah, pray for her protection and leave it with Allah.  He is our best protector. •Please do seek to rebuild your relationship with your husband. A salaamu alaykum sister, As I understand your question, you are concerned about …


The Nightmares of My Son

In this counseling answer: “At this moment in time, your son feels terribly insecure, and a sense of emotional-psychological security would help him to cope much better with what he has been experiencing. As anxious as you feel for him right now, you would be of more help to him, if you could be strong …


My Little Son Still Sleeping in My Bed!

In this counseling answer: •Babies sleep better because they feel safe and secure next to their mother, because they are more relaxed, and because their needs are met more quickly •Mothers sleep better because the baby cries less, nursing is easier, and the baby goes to sleep faster and easier (allowing mother to get more sleep) •Bonding …

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