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My 4-Year-Old Niece is Interested in Private Parts

In this counseling answer: •She is learning what the difference is between being a boy and being a girl. At this age, the only difference is anatomy. And anatomy is all she has to go by. •The “way she is thinking” is pure. Clean up your own mind, so that you can assist her and …


My Son Is Attached to His Nanny

In this counseling answer: •To build an attachment with your baby, try to send your nanny to visit a friend of yours or a relative one weekend, and spend this time with your baby by yourself, feeding him and playing with him. •In the beginning, this might be hard for both you and your baby, but …

Sassy, Daughter

What to Do With My Sassy Daughter?

In this counseling answer: •All the children start to come up with silly behavior to attract attention to themselves. So, the mother should control her temper when her daughter does something silly. •Talk to her as a responsible person, befriend her daughter, observe a good diet for her, control what TV programs she watches.  As-salamu …

How Can I Help My Child with Nightmares?

The best age to introduce religious concepts is still controversial amongst the specialists. However, concepts of evil and the hidden should not be introduced early.


MY 3-Year-Old Son Discovers Himself

In this counseling answer: •It is perfectly normal for a child of his age to explore and play with himself—so please do not worry. •It is also perfectly normal for some children his age to have an erection as you describe; this is purely a physical act and there is nothing abnormal about it. •Don’t become …

Say No

How to Say No Without Making the Child Sad?

In  this counseling answer: •Not focus so much on your child’s sadness when told “no”. You may wish to comfort your child briefly to assure them of your love, but do not give in. Y•our child as a human being will face some disappointments in life and your sticking to your decisions will help your …

Potty Training Is Driving Me Crazy

In this counseling answer: •Wearing a diaper encourages children to become accustomed to the convenience of being able to relieve themselves spontaneously, and to being wet or dirty. •By taking off the diaper for an increasing length of time each day, your child can separate her body from the product, actually see the waste product. …

mood swing

My 10-Year-Old Daughter Has Mood Swings!

In this counseling answer: •Speak with her about these things as she may be going through many changes physically and emotionally and may not fully understand why. •Chose a time to take her out or sit with her when things are calm and it is just the two of you. •You may want to begin by expressing …

sleeping problems

What to Do If Your Toddler Doesn’t Sleep Well

It is hard to function at optimum levels with lack of sleep. As mothers, we may forgo sleep for reasons, but we are not really helping our family if our lack of sleep is preventing us from running the house or dealing with problems effectively.

At the End of My Rope with My 5 Year Old Girl

At the End of My Rope with My 5-Year-Old Girl

In this counseling answer: •Make sure that you notice your daughter and praise her for her good actions. Fulfill her need to feel that she belongs to you and is a part of your life. •When your daughter misbehaves because she desires power, make sure you keep your cool. Do not give into the power …

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