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Son's Violent Behavior While in Public

In this counseling answer: ” When a child realizes that they can always have their own way, then naturally they will make more and more demands. If you are embarassed by your child’s behavior, and the child knows it, and also knows that they can get your attention in this way (even your negative attention is better than no attention), …


How to Improve My Son's Intelligence?

In this counseling answer: “He may be too intelligent for the toys labeled for his age. Your son may have too many toys, so he gets bored quickly. In this case, hide all the toys except a few and then rotate them weekly. Sometimes, you may take away all his toys for a couple of …


Intelligent, But Not Interested

In this counseling answer: •Let her help mom to make a nice cake or something easy but delicious. There are many books available that show how to engage children in kitchen work. Praise her for her help, even if it results in some mess, which is the natural outcome of a joyful day in the …

Little rebel

My Own Little Rebel

In this counseling answer: “Having a good relationship with his grandparents and other relatives will encourage your child to develop social skills and reduce “stranger anxiety,” which is normal for his age. As long as they are not spoiling him, I think they show him the affection he needs. Keep the expression of sympathy, calmness, and love on …


How Can I Teach My Child to Respect Elders?

In this counseling answer: “Children intuitively need and want those guidelines and clear boundaries even when they rebel against them. Explain to her that it is only when someone loves them that they will correct them, and try to help them be better, because you will not always be around and sometimes she will need …


The Curiosity in Boys Play

 In this counseling answer: •Help them to both understand, yet at the same time, send them a clear message that such behavior is a very big NO, NO. The clarity of the message along with the understanding will, in sha ‘Allah, be sufficient in getting them to stop. •As you have already done, do not allow them to …


So Selfish, So Young

In this counseling answer: •Give him more responsibility (if you are not doing that now) so that he may share some of the decision-making or home duties. •When you bring him toys, select toys that must be played by more than one child, so that he will have to involve his brother or sister. •When you teach …


Toilet Training For Boys

In this counseling answer: “My personal recommendation is to first teach your son to potty training sitting down. Once he is completely potty-trained for both and is accident-free, then you can start training him to go to the toilet like his elders! The easiest way to do so is to encourage his father to do his duties towards his …


She Will Not Sleep Without Me

In this counseling answer: “Do not look upon sleeping together as less time for you, look upon sleeping together as more time for bonding as a family. By sleeping together you will both get more sleep, in sha-Allah.” As salamu `alaykum sister,  Thank you for sharing with us your concerns.The wonderful thing about parenting, a young child, …

Teen daughter

How to Deal with My Teen Daughter's Mood Swings

In this counseling answer: “Teens are known to feel that they know everything and then al hamdu lillah, life experience teaches them that they really do not know everything. Break the cycle of how you communicate with your teen. Take a refreshing approach and ask her about her feelings and if she knows what she did wrong for …

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