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5 Ways to Welcome Ramadan The Special Guest

5 Ways to Welcome Ramadan - The Special Guest

When the month comes, then you should be thankful to God and show happiness. The companions of the Prophet Muhammad used to greet each other on the beginning of Ramadan. The Prophet said giving the good news of the month to his companions…

3 Things Happen When You Give Zakah

3 Things Happen When You Give Zakah

When you pay Zakah the heart is immediately softened and relieved. It is a golden opportunity to help your community while bringing peace to your heart. And when you think of all the billions of Muslims who pay Zakah every Ramadan, it is impossible…

The A to Z of the Holy Month of Ramadan

The A to Z of the Holy Month of Ramadan

Many young Muslims are clueless about what they should do in Ramadan. It is therefore important to have a vision, not only for the month of Ramadan but after that as well. Goals should be set and a routine that will help you achieve those goals should be followed.

Make a Difference This Ramadan and Beyond

Make a Difference This Ramadan and Beyond

Ramadan is a time for giving and compassion, a time for your generosity to change the lives of people around the world for the better. Make the most of this blessed month and support those in need as you invest in your Hereafter. Commit to supporting your brothers and sisters across the world and donating …

South Florida Mosques Open Doors for Everyone This Ramadan

Mosques across South Florida will open their doors starting from next Sunday and for a complete month to welcome people of all faiths during the holy fasting month of Ramadan, building bridges through charity and free food, Sun Sentinel reported. “The idea is basically for our non-Muslim friends and neighbors to come visit the mosques, …

Islamic Relief UK Launches Ramadan Appeal

As more than one billion Muslims prepare to mark the holy month of Ramadan, the Islamic Relief UK has launched its Ramadan Appeal this week to support those who face a daily fight for survival due to poverty, famine, disasters, and conflict, Salaam Gateway reported. “Islamic Relief has developed innovative solutions for the age-old problem …

US Muslims Raise Funds for Sri Lanka Victims

Devastated by the news of the terrorist attacks targeting Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, a leading American Muslim charity has launched a fundraising campaign to help the victims. “We cannot allow community cohesion to be broken. As communities are hurting and need to be rebuilt, the least we can do is to offer our support …

Being a Muslim Volunteer: Why & How

Being a Muslim Volunteer: Why & How

Done with the right intention and the appropriate manner, volunteerism and altruism brings about tremendous pleasure from our Creator. As Muslims we should see ourselves as world citizens. Our compassion and help are not limited to Muslims or even humans only; we should care about all God’s creation. What does Islam say about volunteering? And why it is …

UK Muslim Charity Recognized for Helping Moms, Orphans

UK Muslim Charity Recognized for Helping Moms and Orphans

In recognition of its valuable contributions in helping poor mothers and orphans everywhere, Muslim charity, Save the Mothers Trust (SMT), has won Charity of the Year award at the 7th British Muslim Awards that took place on on February 19th, 2019. “This truly is a remarkable achievement,” SMT Project manager Mohammad Shahid said. Based in …

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