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Muslim students

Muslim Students Across America Hand Out Food to the Homeless

Every month, Muslim students gather at the University of Texas’s Student Union building , Dallas, to put together food packs for the city’s homeless. They do it as part of an initiative called Project Downtown which was launched by MSA National (Muslim Student Association),  with participating groups in various cities across the United States. It aims to provide food and …

Can I Give Charity To Non-Muslim Organizations?

There is no reason why we can’t give charity to non-Muslim organizations if they work for the whole of humanity, like Cancer Research for example. After all don’t Muslims get cancer too?

Ali Banat, gifted with cancer

"Gifted With Cancer," One Muslim Works to Help Less Fortunate

Ali Banat, a wealthy man from Australia, had everything most young men could desire, from fast cars to designer clothes. But his life took a dramatic turn when doctors diagnosed him with cancer and gave him only 7 months to live. In an interview with the Living Muslim TV programme, he described his cancer as a …

Being a Muslim Volunteer: Why & How

Being a Muslim Volunteer: Why & How

Done with the right intention and the appropriate manner, volunteerism and altruism brings about tremendous pleasure from our Creator. As Muslims we should see ourselves as world citizens. Our compassion and help are not limited to Muslims or even humans only; we should care about all God’s creation. What does Islam say about volunteering? And why it is …

Muslim comedy tour

Muslim Comedians on a UK Tour Raising Funds for Charity

Muslim comedians are on a UK tour with new shows raising funds for the welfare of women in vulnerable environments. The Super Muslim Comedy Tour is back, with even more big names in the comedy world, taking place in eight UK cities from 24 November to 1st December 2017. Following the side-splitting success of the last two years, …

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