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London Mosque Accepts Zakah in Bitcoins

LONDON – A London local mosque has announced it would be accepting Zakah and Sadaqa money in cryptocurrencies, becoming the first in the UK to take this approach. “So that’s when the conversation at the mosque started. We soon realized this was relatively uncharted water,” Erkin Guney, chairman of the Masjid Ramadan or Shacklewell Lane …

For 20 Years, This Expat Has Been Giving Free Iftar to Workers

DUBAI – Over the past two decades, Indian expat Sathyapalan P. has been handing out thousands of free iftar meals to workers, reflecting the true spirit of Ramadan as a month of giving. “Everyone has to sacrifice something to help someone else,” Sathyapalan told Khaleej TImes. “My message is to love all and serve all, …

Birmingham Bearded Broz Welcome Ramadan with Charity

BIRMINGHAM – A group of Muslim volunteers has released a new video showing a remarkable project of helping those in need during the holy fasting month of Ramadan. “The film highlights the positive charity work going on within the UK, a spokesman for the Bearded Broz group told Birmingham Mail on Wednesday. “It also shows …

5 Ways to Welcome Ramadan - The Special Guest

5 Ways to Welcome Ramadan - The Special Guest

God is giving us another opportunity in our life to witness the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a great time of God’s blessings and His mercy. Every Muslim should take full advantage of this time. We should get ready now to welcome this month and receive it with happiness.

This Deed Is Better Than Fasting, Praying, and Giving Charity

This Deed is Better Than Fasting, Praying, and Charity

If you have a problem with your brother, your cousin, your uncle, your friend, if you have a problem with an acquaintance and you have broken off ties with them, you’re no longer on speaking terms, you have a problem in your heart!… Allah is commanding you to form those ties again. Get rid of that evil that you have and be as you were.

Before Ramadan, Michigan Muslims Set to Expand Charity-Giving

DETROIT – American Muslims in Michigan, a state that has one of the highest concentrations of mosques in the United States, are getting ready for the holy month of Ramadan by giving more charity to those in need. “Just like the Christian holiday season or the Jewish holiday season, it’s a time to give whatever …


Sadaqah: The Productive Investment of a Lifetime

What if I told you about an offer where you can get the product, plus double your money back, plus extra prizes? What would you do? You’d probably immediately text all your friends to tell them about it and then rush down to the shop to make the purchase. While many of us tend to chase …

UK Muslims Host Pre-Ramadan Fundraiser with Boxer Amir Khan

LONDON – World renowned boxing legend Amir Khan joined hands with the British Islamic charity Penny Appeal at the Atrium in East London on Saturday, May 12, for a pre-Ramadan fundraiser namely titled “Back to Business.” Moosa Saghir, London FR & Partnerships for Penny Appeal, said of this pre-Ramadan event, “We are very proud that …

Ozil Donates £30,000 on Arsenal Charity Ball

LONDON – Arsenal midfielder Mesut Özil spent £30,000 on a special-edition “Invincibles” Rolex watch during Arsenal’s annual charity fundraising ball, to support different charity causes. Ozil was among the biggest contributors on Thursday evening at the Arsenal Foundation’s event, which raised a combined £442,734 to help fund a new coaching program in the Zaatari Refugee …

Nigerian State Approves Funding for Free Ramadan Iftars

YOBE – A local governor of Nigeria’s northeast state of Yobe has approved millions of N63.5 million [around $177,000] to feed the less-privileged during the holy month of Ramadan. The development was made public in a statement released by the governor’s director general of press affairs, Abdullahi Bego, PM News reported. “N15 million will be …

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