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Albany Muslim Students Search for Imam Chaplain

ALBANY — With the new semester starting this week at the University at Albany, US, the Muslim Students Association is searching for an imam to join the Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish chaplains at the university’s Interfaith Center, Times Union reported. “Just to have someone to support you and be able to help you when you …

Wesleyan University Appoints New Muslim Chaplain

His biggest dream was to be an NBA star, and Shakoor bounced from basketball scholarship to scholarship before completing undergrad at the University of Maine MIDDLETOWN, Connecticut – On October 8, Wesleyan University in Connecticut, announced Malik Shakoor as its new Muslim chaplain after a single-year candidacy despite the track normally takes roughly three to …

Meet US Highest-Ranking Muslim Army Chaplain

HONOLULU – The American Muslim lieutenant colonel Khallid Shabazz is slated to be promoted to colonel on October 4, making him the highest rank ever attained by a Muslim chaplain, Army Mil reported on October 2. “It’s phenomenal first, but it’s unbelievable second,” the current lead chaplain of the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense …

Johari Abdul-Malik: Howard University's First Muslim Chaplain

NEW YORK – Johari Abdul-Malik is a convert to Islam, and has been the Director of Outreach for the Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center in Northern Virginia since June 2002 Born in Brooklyn, New York, Abdul-Malik grew up as an Episcopal choir boy who visited the deep southern Pentecostal holiness church during his summer vacations. The …

Californian Interfaith Center Hires New Director of Muslim Life

ORANGE – Catering to the recent increase in Chapman University’s Muslim student population in Orange City, California, the university’s Fish Interfaith Center has hired Shaykh Jibreel Speight as its first Director of Muslim Life, The Panther Online reported on September 9. “Chapman recognized that we have a large Muslim community. It would be wise for …

Feryal Salem: The Muslim Woman Who Trains US Chaplains

When Feryal Salem was growing up in Illinois, many of the teachers who instructed her in Islamic law and theology were women, a tradition she continues as co-director of the Islamic Chaplaincy Program at Hartford Seminary. The Connecticut seminary offers one of the country’s few accredited programs for Islamic chaplaincy, which means that Salem has …

Harvard Appoints First Muslim Chaplain

The Ivy League Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has appointed Khalil Abdur-Rashid, an adjunct professor of Islamic studies at Southern Methodist University, as first Muslim chaplain to cater to the needs of its Muslim students, six months after starting the search for a candidate.

This Chaplain Found Islam in US Air Force

It was three years ago when the life of Laura Magee changed for good.
After 12 years in military intelligence, she joined a six-week chaplaincy course as she wanted by enter a new military career field as a chaplain assistant.

Muslim Heads College Chaplains Association

Making history in American campuses, a national organization of university religious leaders elected its first Muslim president last week in a move that could influence college diversity for years.

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