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Khadija's Conversion Story

Khadijah: The First to Accept Islam - Her Story

The successful birth of Islam and the Muslim nation was due in part to the determination of Khadijah, the woman who was the first person to accept Muhammad as a Prophet of God and was later given the title the Mother of the Believers. Khadijah was born in Makkah…


Three Challenges You Will Encounter in Your Dawah Effort

In the previous part, Dr. Wael Hamza shed light on the importance of Dawah and the necessity of patience to da`iyahs give the challenges they are bound to face. He further classified these challenges into three types. Personal challenges make the first type which is discussed in the first part. The two other types are …

How Can Muslim Women Live the Sunnah Today?

How Can Muslim Women Live the Sunnah Today?

Our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was appointed as Allah’s last Messenger to establish Islam on earth as guidance for humankind before the final reckoning. He was the leader of  Muslim Ummah; their guide and role model. His actions, both personal and public, were divinely guided, so much so that he became the …

About to Convert, Concerned About Hindu Practices

7 Challenges Revert Sisters Face

The first challenge that most new Muslims face is learning how to pray. It’s not just an issue of learning the meanings and how to recite them in Arabic, but there are also the additional challenges if sisters are still living with their parents of how to explain it to them

How to Handle the Pain of Unrequited Love

Having Hope in a Better Tomorrow

What tools can we use to develop hope in the future? The main tool is to develop a closer relationship with God; to learn more about Him, develop and strengthen links with Him and turn to Him for support and guidance. This can be done through reading the Quran and reading…

When you are an African American in this country you are still facing injustices. When you are poor, you are facing injustices. So the civil rights are an ongoing struggle in this country.

Rediscovering Muslim Identity in America

Our values are majority values. So, as citizens we have to come and speak about justice, we will be understood by anyone as we do speak for justice for all, justice for every one; man and woman, black and white. Anything which has to do with justice we are for it, against torture, extraordinary rendition, wrong laws against immigrants …all these are our struggles.

Finding Balance after Shahadah

Finding Balance after Shahadah

As Muslims we have a number of incredible opportunities to take on a number of the incredible challenges… so I’d like to talk to you about 3 or 4 things which we can think about: Each and every one of us has a responsibility to have a relationship with Allah. Nobody can do that for you…

The present global inequality of wealth distribution is one example of the consequences of leaving out the Divine instructions from economic sphere.

Zakah and the Economic System in Islam

Muslims around the world wonder why despite of the immense resources in their countries and around the world, they have been suffering economic deprivation for centuries! What has gone wrong? Let us first take a closer look at the Islamic economic system from the time of the Prophet Muhammad…

Starting to wear hijab at work is a massive step for many new Muslim sisters. They imagine that it will completely change their relationship with their colleagues and may even cause some people to reject them altogether.

How Can New Muslims Cope in the Workplace?

The world of work can cause many challenges for Muslims who are trying to live their life according to Islamic principles, but for a new Muslim these challenges can be greater, especially during the time of their transition from their old life to their new life. For most new Muslims who have grown up in the West…

Challenges Facing Dawah to Islam

What Are the Challenges Facing Dawah to Islam?

As-Salamu Alaykum Dear Muhammad, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Your question is very general and I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for. First of all, we Muslims do not usually use the words “missionary” or “missionary work” to refer to a da`i and da`wah. We prefer to keep …

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