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Are You Maintaining Your Culture After Conversion?

Are You Maintaining Your Culture After Conversion?

Trying to become an Arab is not a requirement; it is also an unnecessary difficulty. You will fail if you try to be or become that which you are not. Those who mistakenly mix accepting Islam to denying their own cultural identity often fail at the latter…

A Challenge of Quranic Proportions

A Challenge of Quranic Proportions

The Quran is the speech of the Creator. No one can bring rest to the hearts of the creation but the one who has created it. Life is not like box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump has so famously claimed. To me, life is like a ship sailing on a stormy sea.

Spiritual Posts: When You Feel Broken

Spiritual Posts: When You Feel Broken

It is human to feel disappointed and broken now and then. More so when life does not always work out the way we want. Having shares of disappointments allow us to become more aware of our expectations and learn how to hold them in check. So if you do not want to feel disappointed change …

3 Steps to a Deeper Relationship with the Quran

When we pick up the Quran to recite it, our intention must not be to just obtain rewards and blessings from it, in the form of obtainment of provision and/or dispelling of sorrows, even though these are undoubtedly among the sweet fruits of reciting it that we taste in this life.

3 Steps to Protecting New Muslims from Extremism

The challenge of extremism is widespread, complex and difficult. However, if we aim to work for the wellbeing of our community and to be inspired by a Prophet who was described as a mercy to all of mankind, we must address this topic.

The Challenge of Being Just & Fair Between Children

When children are under the age of 5-10, it is much easier to be just between them. Each little one gets equal amounts of the same thing, or chooses something they like within a budget. For example, they all get to bring a book of their choice, sit on their parent’s lap, and have it…

I Feel So Oppressed, How Do I Cope?

No matter how difficult things become, remember the importance of your relationship with God. Only God can truly alleviate all forms of hardship from the world. Only God can grant double ease for each hardship.

The Quran - An Unmet Challenge

History is a witness that the pre-Islamic Arabs could not produce a single chapter to meet the challenge of the Quran. Instead of meeting the challenge, they chose violence and waged war against him. They, of all people, had the ability and the motive to meet the Quranic challenge, but could not do so.

Starting to Wear Hijab

When a woman wears hijab and behaves accordingly (modestly and with morality), she is a living, walking symbol of womanhood. It is as if she is saying that she is not available for anyone to leer at, that she has a mind and knows who she is and where she is going.

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