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The Quran puts a challenge out to anyone who opposes the Prophet.

The Quran - An Unmet Challenge

History is a witness that the pre-Islamic Arabs could not produce a single chapter to meet the challenge of the Quran. Instead of meeting the challenge, they chose violence and waged war against him. They, of all people, had the ability and the motive to meet the Quranic challenge, but could not do so.

Wearing hijab does not mean you will never face challenges. It is like all the other things we are expected to do; they all require an element of determination and a lot of faith.

Starting to Wear Hijab

When a woman wears hijab and behaves accordingly (modestly and with morality), she is a living, walking symbol of womanhood. It is as if she is saying that she is not available for anyone to leer at, that she has a mind and knows who she is and where she is going.

The Prophet's strategy was to prevent conflict from occurring rather than wait for it to happen then start "fire fighting".

Don't Hate… Educate

Prophet Muhammad faced a similar situation after leaving his home in Makkah to migrate to Madinah upon the invitation of its citizens. When he got there, some of his Companions — from the immigrants — were so homesick that they got physically ill. The unity of society was at risk and needed an urgent solution…

“O’ Allah I seek your protection from anxiety, sorrow, inability, laziness, cowardice, stinginess, overpowering debt and subjugation by fellow man.”

What to Say When Depressed and Worried? One Dua

Feeling down in the dumps, depressed, having the blues… These are just some of the terms used to describe a feeling of hopelessness and despair that can hit even the most positive of us at some point in our lives. However when sadness, gloom and unhappiness becomes a permanent mark of our lives…

When the bond between you and Allah is firmly fixed, obeying rules becomes something you want to do because you know it pleases Allah.

A New You: A 21st Century Guide for New Muslims

There are number of changes you may have to make to your day to day routine but there is no need to make them all in one day. That slate will remain clean so long as you are holding on to your connection to Allah no matter how tenuous you may feel that it is.

When new Muslims feel their faith is low, and they are alone, it is their Muslim friends who can encourage and motivate them.

2 Tips For New Muslims to Grow in Faith

New Muslims face various challenges after converting or reverting to Islam. I think that some simple advice is sufficient enough to overcome many of the obstacles which might face a new Muslim. This advice encourages the new Muslim to focus on both spirituality…

Allah made this Quran a miracle for Muhammad (peace be upon him) remaining forever, which shows his truthfulness after his death as well as that of the former prophets, since he confirmed their message and gave information about them.

5 Proofs that Quran is a Timeless Miracle

The Inimitable Revelation of God: There are many signs that indicate that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was indeed a true Prophet. The greatest of these signs is the Quran. In it Allah challenges the Arabs and others, until the Day of Resurrection, to produce something like it, as He says (interpretation of the meaning): …

Hobbies allow you to detach from the world and situations around you and enjoy something that does not require too much energy.

4 Ways to Find a Hobby You Love

Finding an activity you can take part in once or twice a week, or however often is feasible for you, that is purely something you enjoy doing and want to be part of is key to breaking boredom. As a child, many of us have hobbies. However, as adult life takes over…

The most important aspect of hijab is that it continuously reminds me of who I am and what I want to be!

It Changed My Life but I Am Still Me

Being a Muslim in the 21st Century and that too, in France is very challenging. You’ve got to be really strong. Despite all, hijab is my identity, my strength, and my pride. When life gets hard and destiny sends me far away from my family and my friends, my hijab gives me self-confidence…

Fasting in America is certainly a test of faith and the greater the challenge is, the greater the reward from God.

Ramadan in the US: A Challenging Experience

Ramadan in the U.S. is a wonderful, special time as communities across the U.S. come together to rejuvenate their faith. Aside from its individual, spiritual benefits, it brings people together. This is an arduous task to achieve in a busy, materialistic society as the U.S.

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