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I Knew the Quran is a Communique from My Creator

The Quran is a Communique from My Creator

In the blessed pages of the Noble Quran, I found solutions to all my problems, satisfaction to all my needs, explication for all my doubts. God attracted me to His Light with irresistible strength, and I gladly yielded to Him. Everything seemed clear now…

I Found Answers to All My Questions in Islam

I Found Answers to All My Questions in Islam

When I found people refusing to give me an answer or a direction, it’s kind of led me onto a path where I was searching on my own. I started searching in many different religions and visiting their places of worship. After studying a number of different…


Do Muslims and Christians Serve the Same God?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: Muslims and Christians serve the same God, Allah, but Muslims believe that Allah is the One Who has no partner nor anyone or anything resembles Him, whereas …

Young Jewish Christian Becomes Muslims

Young Jewish Christian Becomes Muslims

Peter Casey was 15 years old when he became a Muslim. He started researching Islam 2 years before hand. He grew up with a Jewish mom & a Catholic dad and he was always confused about Jesus. Was he the Son of God or a false Messiah. In Islam he discovered he was a prophet!

Converted To Islam Because Of Ramadan Prayer

Converted To Islam Because Of Ramadan Prayer

Sister Christina always have a spiritual connection with God when she was a Catholic. She went to university and met some Muslim friends who took her to Ramadan prayer (Taraweeh). She felt a deep connection that night when she saw the prayer and even joined in the prayer. From there it led her to accept …

Women, Alcohol, Partying, To The Catholic Monastery To Islam

Women, Alcohol, Partying, To The Catholic Monastery To Islam

Michael Decero was born into an Italian-American family in Philadelphia. He was bought up not believing in God despite coming from a Roman-Catholic background. As a teen he was enjoying partying, drinking and girls. He got tired of this at the age of 17.He entered a monastery where he stayed for 8 and half years …

The Moral World of the Quran

Draz’s aim was ambitious to fill the gap in the West’s history of moral philosophy created by its ignorance of Quranic ethics, and to show that the moral insights of philosophers are implicit in the Quran.

Who Represents Islam?

Just what is this religion called Islam and how is it that many people who declare themselves Muslim misrepresent their own way of life? Unfortunately, many Muslims throughout the world are marginalized and are struggling to overcome colonial and imperial backgrounds…

How I Found True Inner Peace

I looked out the window and viewed with awe the horizon, with its vibrant colors, the clouds and the sun setting. At that moment I said to myself, “I know there is something more out there, but what is it? If God is so great then why is mankind not bowing to Him?” I prostrated myself to God and prayed I would find the “thing” that would fill the void in my heart and soul.

My Journey Through Spiritual Truth

What I found paled all the negative images that the satanic media spewed forth. I found a religion deep in love and spiritual truth, and constant God-mindfulness. What may be fanaticism to one person may be devotion to another.

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