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Why is Allah Testing Me?

Don’t become depressed to the degree that you begin to question Allah. People say: “Why is Allah testing me? Why? He doesn’t like me” Well if that’s the case, He didn’t like anyone on earth because everyone is tested. Even Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who is the most beloved to Allah…

Giving and Receiving: Lessons from Charity

Charity is an obligation, but it is also an opportunity given to each of us. Whether we are giving or receiving, Allah has put us in these positions because He is trying to refine us and make us better people, to perfect our manners, to gain empathy, to gain humility, to soften our hearts.

Rejected? Join the Club!

How many of us can honestly say at the end of each day that we have done nothing—absolutely nothing—that might make Allah angry with us? (I don’t see too many of you raising your hands.) How many of us can honestly say at the end of each day that we have put every waking minute to good use?

Be in Life as a Traveler

Every human being basically has this sort of hole inside of them, and that hole can only be filled with one thing: being close to Allah (SWT). There’s nothing else that can fill this hole.

The Journey of the Heart: Consistency Is Key

We are all at different places in our journey. Sometimes we move ahead swiftly, sure-footed and strong. Other times we feel like the light is gone, like we just can’t get ourselves back to where we need to be.

Africa Scholars Warn of CAR Genocide

A leading Muslim organization has vigorously condemned the genocide of Muslims in Central African Republic, urging the world community to send neutral troops to stop this genocide immediately, and work to achieve security for all citizens.

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