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Manitoba Celebrates Muslim Heritage Day

The Muslim community in Pembina Valley, Manitoba, invited their neighbors to learn more about their faith and different cultures of Muslims, as part of events marking Islamic History Month in Canada.


Remembering the First Muslims in Canada

It is unknown when Muslims first arrived and settled in the space that is now called Canada, but it certainly didn’t happen as recently as is often believed. Even the evidence that we do have suggests that Muslims have been making Canada their home since 1851, more than a decade before the country itself was …

Canadian Mosques to Open Doors to Neighbors

Aiming at fostering a better understanding of religion, mosques around Canada will open their doors to non-Muslim visitors next Sunday to offer people a better understanding of Islam and the chance to ask questions about the faith.

Canadians Rally to Shut Down Hate

Canadian politicians, activists, and faith leaders rallied Sunday, October 1, in Hamilton, Ontario, in an event organized to shut down rising hatred spouted by far right and white supremacist groups.

Muslims Condemn Suspected Edmonton Terror Attack

Canadians are expressing strong condemnation in the wake of a suspected terrorist attack in Edmonton, Alberta, that injured five and led to the arrest of a 30-year-old refugee from Somalia, Abdulahi Hasan Sharif.

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