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Ontario Church Hosts Muslim Prayers

A mosque inside a church, this would sound irregular in any part of the world. Yet, in Leamington, Ontario, this is a fact that came true since last May.

Canadian Gov’t Finances Yukon’s First Mosque

Local Muslims in Whitehorse city, in Canada’s Northwestern Yukon territory, will get their first mosque soon after the territory government announced plans to give $75,000 to the Yukon Muslim Society to build their first worshipping house.

Canadian Muslim Camp Bridges Identity Gap

A Calgary local Muslim leader has increased his efforts to bridge the gap between Canadian and Muslim identities, using his day camp to tackle the feeling of isolation that some Muslim children experience while trying to integrate into Western society.

Quebec Muslims Get Own Cemetery Finally

After decades of struggling to bury their death miles away from their homes, a Quebec cemetery has dedicated burial grounds for local Muslims, answering calls for thousands from the religious community.

Quebec Safari Gives Best Response to Anti-Muslim Trolls

Facing a wave of “racist and hateful” comments, a Quebec safari park, which welcomed a Muslim community group Sunday and allowed afternoon prayers to be held on its site, denounced the intolerant response and said it was “sorry if freedom of religion had offended some people.”

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