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Canadian Muslims Challenge Burqa Ban in Court

Two Canadian groups have filed a legal challenge to Quebec bill banning face-covers, including burqa or face-veil, saying the law “gravely infringes” the religious and equality rights of some Muslims in the province.

Canada’s Envoy Examines Anti-Rohinyga Atrocities

Horrific accounts of sexual assault, aerial bombings, beheading and attacks on children with machetes offered Canada’s special envoy to Burma a first-hand experience of the violence committing against Rohingya Muslims.

Muslims Shun Plans to Study in Quebec

Muslim students are rethinking plans to study in Quebec after the French-speaking province issued a legislation banning face-covering, including face-veil or burqa, saying the law has changed their perception of the province.

Toronto Concludes Islamic Heritage Month

Toronto District School Board concluded Islamic Heritage Month activities held during October to inspire students to increase dialogue, bridge gaps and combat Islamophobia.

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